3 Factors to Consider When Buying a Trailer Hitch

The right trailer hitch can make your cargo towing duties a lot easier. Not only does it increase versatility, it also makes the towing process more convenient. But how do you find the proper tow hitch for your vehicle? You have to make the proper considerations.

Continue reading to learn the top three considerations for buying new trailer hitch.

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24 Hour Towing 317-247-8484

The top three considerations you must keep at the front of your mind when matching a new trailer hitch are cargo weight, weight class, and installation standards. Below are some details to help you understand what makes these 3 factors so important.

❶ Cargo Weight

How much weight will you be towing with your trailer hitch? What type of cargo will you be hooking up and carrying? Do you have bicycles? Electric wheelchair or scooter? Mini-camper? Boats? These answers will help you determine the best trailer hitch and hitch receiver for your needs. Class I trailer hitches are designed to carry up to 200 pounds. Class II trailer hitches carry up to 300 pounds. Class III trailer hitches can carry even more weight.

Trailer hitch receivers also have class weights that must be considered. Class I receivers can manage up to 2,000 pounds. Class II receivers can manage up to 3,500 pounds, while Class III and IV receivers can haul as much as 5,000 and 10,000 pounds, depending.

❷ Weight Class

In addition to the weight classes of your trailer hitch and hitch receiver, you must also consider your towing vehicle’s weight class and capacity. Refer to your owners’ manual for instruction on how much your vehicle can haul. Typically, compact and sub-compact cars should never haul more than 2,000 pounds of cargo. Similarly, mid-size or crossover SUV’s should not haul more than 3,500 pounds of cargo.

❸ Installation Standards

You are responsible, morally and legally, to ensure your trailer hitch and receiver are hooked up and installed up to standards. Electrical connections of brake lights and signal lights must be installed correctly when using a trailer. This set-up might also require a power adapter to protect the other electrical systems in your towing vehicle. For mechanical connections, solid and secured mounting is imperative.

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