Boat Towing Safety Facts You Need to Know

Although summer hasn’t technically come up on the calendar, the weather permits lake and river activities right now! Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of living right on the water, and dock boats, jet skis, and canoes right outside their backyards. No, for the in-lander community, we must hitch and haul our water crafts to our desired body of water. On the bright side, boat towing is a perfectly-manageable feat, so long as you do so safely. Now that it is time to transport your asset to the lake, be sure you have reviewed the most important boat towing safety facts and tips first.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about boats, towing, and safety, including who to call when you need professional towing assistance.

Indianapolis Towing & Recovery 317-247-8484
Indianapolis Towing & Recovery 317-247-8484

Safe Boat Towing

Towing a boat with your car, truck, or trailer requires undivided attention and care to ensure driver and passenger safety, as well as, the protection for the vehicle, trailer, and load itself. Here are the most crucial reminders for taking your boat to the water:

⚠ Making Turns

When it comes to towing a boat, once of the most difficult and crucial points of training is learning how to make a turn. Driving in a straight path can seem easy enough, but taking that first left or right can have rookies stumbling over what to do.

The first important factor to remember is that the turn is going to require a much wider range. Keep checking your mirrors and be sure to accommodate enough space for the turn. If the turn is too narrow, you may have to find another path, or have friends get out and direct you through the turn manually.

⚠ Backing Up

When it comes to backing up with a boat in tow, ideally, you don’t want to ever do it. But if you must, visibility is the key factor. Before hitting the gas to back up, double check your mirrors. It may be helpful to get out of the vehicle before backing up, to assess the area and space available for driving. Once you have a very good idea of what is behind you, check your mirrors once more to be sure the back is still clear, then begin to move slowly and make small adjustments with the steering wheel until you reach your desired destination.

⚠ Braking

Last, always remember that your brakes will be affected when towing a boat or other water craft. Braking will be different because of the added weight to your vehicle. Be sure to accommodate space and time to allow for proper braking times. Just remember, the heavier the load, the longer it will take for your vehicle to come to a stop.

Need Some Boat Towing Assistance?

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Indianapolis Towing & Recovery 317-247-8484