DIY Roadside Assistance Tools to Always Have in Your Car

With the weather being the way it is right now, it is important to drive safe no matter how short your travel distance may be. Here in Indiana, this time of year is marked with snow, ice, slush, mud, and more, making the road conditions more hazardous than normal. In order to keep yourself protected in the time of an automotive emergency, be sure to have a quality roadside assistance kit in your car at all times.

If a full roadside kit is not an option for you, at least have these fundamental roadside assistance tools on hand for do-it-yourself fixes.

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Have These in Your Car at All Times for a Roadside Emergency:

Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire pressure is an important part of proper vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. Fortunately, it is something you can easily check and fix on your own. It is important to regularly check your tire pressure levels, and the best tool for the job is a basic tire pressure gauge. You can buy a quality tire pressure gauge at any local automotive store for under $10. The general rule of thumb for tire pressure is anywhere from 32 to 35 psi, depending on the climate. Check your owner’s manual for the proper specifications for your vehicle, or look for a sticker on the inside of your driver’s door.

Torque Wrench

When you need to fasten a nut or bolt, a torque wrench is a handy tool to have around. From tire changes to battery replacement, there many DIY opportunities that would call for a torque wrench. Since they come in all different setups and sizes, it is recommended to get an interchangeable torque wrench, or one that allows for several size settings. There are three main types: flex bar, sound-indicating, and dial indicator. You can find quality torque wrenches at any local hardware or automotive store for under $20.

Jumper Cables

When your car is low on power, you will need to jump start the battery. And there is no better way to do this than to use a set of jumper cables. Jumper cables are a staple in any automotive care kit. Keep them in your vehicle at all times in case of an emergency. You can purchase a quality set at any local hardware of automotive parts store for under $30. You may want to consider purchasing them in a pre-made emergency roadside kit.

Automotive Code Reader

These little devices have come a long way in terms of innovation and accuracy. They hook up to your vehicle and will read, interpret, and clear Check Engine and ABS lights. You can now purchase electronic car reading diagnostic devices on the market at an affordable price. There are several different makes and models, all ranging in features and price. You can get a quality car reader for under $100 at any local automotive parts store.

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