Helpful Advice for Towing in Snow and Ice

Indianapolis Towing Company 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Towing Company 317-247-8484

Aside from hazardous snow and ice, towing can be a challenge all on its own. Safe and effective towing requires a certain level of focus, preventative maintenance, and knowledge. But in the wintertime, drivers need to take on a whole new level of precautions, as well as, practice a separate set of techniques to manage snow, ice, and slippery conditions. Continue reading to learn some helpful advice for winter towing.

Winter Towing Tips

All of the fundamentals of telling remain the same, in terms of setup, parts, hitching a trailer, and more. The difference between standard towing and winter towing is simply a matter of changing your towing techniques, attaching safety chains properly, and using snow chains. Let’s take a closer look!

Snow Chains

Snow chains are an excellent accessory for winter driving because they allow your tires to gain extra traction on the road and slippery conditions. Snow chains are available at any automotive parts store or local home improvement store with an automotive department. Depending on the size you need, prices will vary but typically remain reasonable. Be sure to choose the proper size chains for your towing vehicle, vehicles, and/or trailer. It is helpful to practice fitting and removing your snow chains so that you are efficient when the time comes to use them.

Safety Chains

Also called towing cables or straps, safety chains are a common accessory used during the winter to provide extra security when towing. In fact, it is recommended to use safety chains for every tow, not just wintertime towing. Safety chains help to prevent uncontrollable swaying, swerving, and diverging of your trailer or the vehicle being towed. You can find them any automotive parts store or local home improvement store with an automotive department. Just be sure to choose the proper size for your towing vehicle.

Towing Techniques

Towing in the snow and ice is very similar to standard towing; however, you will need to invoke some additional precautions. You will need to give yourself more time to come to a stop, and you’ll also need to give yourself more time to take turns, accelerate, and decelerate. It is recommended to visit a large vacant parking lot to practice all of these maneuvers in your full towing setup. If your towing vehicle gets stuck in the snow, contact a reputable Indianapolis towing company for professional recovery services you can trust.

Indianapolis Towing Service

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