How to Install a Trailer Hitch Adapter

Our February blogs, seen to the right, “How to Transport a Car Across the Country”, and, “How to Test Tire Tread Using a Penny”, have certainly turned this month into the month of “How To’s!” So we why not end the month with one more “How To” blog?

After some thought, we realized that many novice towers are always asking questions about setting up hitch receivers and adapters. If you have a trailer and towing vehicle, you might want to review the steps for doing both. Continue reading to learn a quick guide to installing a trailer hitch adapter, as well as, some helpful tips for hitch receivers.

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Trailer Hitch Adapters

Trailer hitch adapters are great because they do just that: adapt. You can use them with a 2 inch hitch accessory with a 1 ¼ inch receiver. Even better, trailer hitch adapters can also be used with hitch-mounted bike racks and cargo carriers that are designed for a 2 inch receiver hitch. Keep in mind, you still must use cargo support straps to prevent your cargo from moving around or creating strain on your trailer hitch.

Before getting started, it is critical to DOUBLE CHECK the receiver hitch tongue weight rating. The tongue weight needs to be higher than the combined weight of the cargo and the apparatuses used to secure everything. See our article, “The 5 Hitch Classes and Their Maximum Load Capacities” to learn more about tongue weight (TW) and gross trailer weight (GTW).

Trailer Hitch Adapter Installation Guide:

Step ❶ – Insert the adapter into your vehicle’s receiver hitch. Then secure it with the pin and clip.

Step ❷ – Install the 2” hitch accessory, then secure it using the pin and clip.

Step ❸ – Secure the hitch accessory with cargo support straps.

Step ❹ – Periodically inspect the hitch accessory as you use it to ensure the trailer hitch adapter and cargo straps are still secure and in place.

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