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If you own a small, light-weight trailer, your hauling vehicle is all you need for controlling the brakes while towing. Smaller trailers only have one or two axels that roll freely, eliminating the need for any extra assistance. But if you have a large or heavy trailer, your towing vehicle’s brake system won’t cut it alone. Larger trailers require their own set of brakes for safe and proper towing and stopping. This is achievable with trailer brake controllers. Continue reading to learn about trailer brake controllers, and how to decide which ones are best for your towing trailer.

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Trailer Brakes

Trailer brake controllers are interfaced with your vehicle’s brake pedal, which makes your tires slow down all at the same time. This allows you to maneuver and stop smoothly when towing your rig. The trailer brake controllers work by signaling to the trailer brakes to engage and to what degree. The trailer brakes then mimic the brake pressure you apply as you stop or slow down your vehicle.

There are a few different designs of trailer brake controllers on the market to choose from when shopping around. The one you choose will depend on your trailers size, weight, brake system, and towing habits. It is important to learn as much as you can about each one in order to make an educated decision for your particular rig. These are not cheap parts to buy, so making the right choice is something you want to take seriously.

Here are some examples of trailer brake controllers:

Tow Vehicle Braking Systems – These are designed for recreational vehicles, like motorhomes, that need to tow or pull a car. This is only intended for flat-towing a car, not towing with a dolly or trailer. Electric pistons actually push the towed vehicle’s brake pedals down as the towing vehicle’s brakes are engaged.

Timed Brake Controllers – These systems are the simple, economical option for controlling a trailers brakes. They simply slow all tires down at the same time as the brake pedal is engaged inside the towing vehicle.

Inertia Brake Controllers – These are sturdier and more responsive compared to timed brake controllers. Inside inertia controllers, there are sensors that are attached to an outer pendulum that detect the deceleration of the towing vehicle.

Accelerometer Brake Controllers – Also called proportional brake controllers, these systems only use internal sensors, not attached to outer pendulums, to detect the brake pedal pressure in the towing vehicle. These are recommended for long distance towing.

For heavy-duty towing needs, you may be better off calling a trusted Indianapolis towing company for professional assistance. They will have advanced equipment and technologies to provide wrecker services for all freight sizes, quantities, and distances.

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