Top 3 Most Reliable Automotive Batteries on the Market

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The quality of car batteries differ depending on age, size, and rated capacity. Most car batteries are made by Exide, Delphi, or Johnson Controls. Each manufacturer provides a variety of battery brands. Delphi manufactures battery brands like ACDelco® and EverStart®, while Exide® makes Champion®, Exide®, and Napa®. Johnson Controls® manufactures brands such as Duralast®, Diehard®, Kirkland®, Motorcraft®, and Interstate®.

Continue reading to learn which brands of automotive batteries are most recommended by licensed mechanics, and which retain the most public appraisal.

🔋 Exide Edge 78 AGM

Price Range: $187.97

Features: Wet Model, SureLife Graphite Technology, AGM Construction, Continuous Cast Grid, Special Pressure Venting System, High Conductivity Post, Recessed Suitcase Handle, Space Efficient, Spill-Proof

Details: The Exide Edge 78 Automotive AGM Battery FP-AGM78DS is the first of its kind as an AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery that also retains SureLife Graphite Technology. This feature allows a higher energy capacity, which in turn, permits the battery to last longer while performing better. This make and model also offers enhanced battery protection, preventing complications and failure.

🔋 Bosch Platinum Series AGM

Price Range: $189.99

Features: Wet Model, Corrosion-Resistant Grain Structure, AGM Construction, Group Size 25, 100% Maintenance-Free, 3-Year Free Emergency Jump Start Assistance

Details: The Bosch Platinum Series car battery is highly recommended by Pep Boys, and several other auto shops. It features AGM, or absorbed glass mat, construction and corrosion-resistant grain structure to prevent sulfating. The Bosch car battery line also offers a long 4-year free replacement warranty and a 3-year free emergency jump start service. It provides optimal power in extreme heat or cold conditions.

🔋 Diehard Platinum Series Automotive

Price Range: $200

Features: Evolution Technology, AGM Construction, Tin-Coated Brass Terminals, Pure Virgin Lead Plates, Quick Re-Charge Capability, No-Spill Design, Extended Storage Time, 4-Year Free Replacement Warranty

Details: This AGM-designed battery series comes with a four year free replacement warranty; but it also comes with advanced technological features; such as evolution technology, which provides a maintenance-free battery with a longer lifespan. It is best for most vehicles, especially SUV’s and trucks. It has a long shelf-life, making it an ideal choice for vintage or old cars.

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