What is a Compliance Certification Label and Where is it on My Car?

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In order to tow a trailer with your vehicle, you will need to learn its general weight and towing capacities first. In order to do this accurately, you will need to refer to your vehicle’s compliance certification label. This label will have much of the information you need to calculate all the numbers necessary for safe towing, including your tongue weight, towing capacity, vehicle weight, and more.

But before you go looking for your vehicle’s compliance certification label, you must first check your owners’ manual to see if your vehicle is capable of towing. Once you are sure your vehicle can tow a trailer, you are ready to refer to your vehicle’s compliance certification label. Continue reading to learn what is on this label and where is it located on a car.

Compliance Certification Labels

You can typically find a compliance certification sticker on the inside of your driver’s side car door. There are several acronyms and numbers listed on a compliance certification label, including “GVWR”, GCW”, “GAW”, and more. All of these fields listed on the compliance certification label are pertinent to your car’s towing capacity. Keep in mind that all of these numbers are approximations, and vary depending on what you have in your car, such as occupants and luggage.

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) – This is how much the vehicle weighs. It is commonly referred to as its “curb” weight. This number includes allowance for occupant weight, luggage weight, fuel weight, and more, as predicted by the manufacturer.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) – This is the maximum weight that is considered safe for your vehicle, as determined by manufacturer. Exceeding this weight can jeopardize the transmission, engine, brakes, and more.

Gross Combination Weight (GCW) – This number has to do with your trailer. It is the total weight of your vehicle and your trailer combined. But this does not include the trailers tongue weight.

Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) – This number is the maximum weight that is considered safe for your vehicle and trailer combined. This includes people, luggage, cargo, and more.

Gross Axel Weight (GAW) – These numbers are the weights predicted to be placed on your vehicle’s front and rear axles. Because of engines and other factors, it is likely for these numbers to differ from one another.

Gross Axel Weight Rating (GAWR) – this number is the maximum weight is considered safe to place on your front and rear axles. Exceeding this weight can be highly detrimental to your vehicle and trailer.

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