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Have you ever come out of a restaurant or retail store, maybe even the office, only to find that your car or truck is not parked in the spot you originally designated as your own?

The answer is most likely yes; this situation has happened to most of us in our lifetime. Illegal parking, expired tags, outdated license plates, theft, and more are all possible reasons as to why your vehicle has gone missing.

Continue reading to learn what to do when your car or truck is missing in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Call All Local Towing Companies

The first thing to do is not panic. Although you may think there was no way or reason your car was towed, you never know. I had a friend get pulled over on Valentine’s Day because his plates were expired by two years! He is a very responsible business man, but because he relocated from a different state, the BMV wasn’t able to contact him with a reminder to renew his plates. He would never have thought that was the reason, but anyone can overlook these kinds of things; it’s human nature.

Once you have contacted some tow companies, they can give you information from their databases, as well as, contact dispatchers to see if your car has been towed by their trucks. If you call around to all the tow companies in the area and they all say no, then look around the parking lot for signs about restricted parking. Sometimes, there are signs that explain the restriction on parking in certain lots. On those signs is usually information or a phone number to call if you think your vehicle has been towed. Some commercial properties can have private wrecker services working for them, and they are the ones to contact about re-retrieving your car.

Call the Police

If all this fails to produce any information about your car, then perhaps it was simply stolen. Your next duty is to call the police and file a police report. An officer will show up shortly after you call to take down as much information as you can give them. They will obviously need a description of the car, plate numbers, registration, and any other information you can give. They will file the report and start an investigation to find your missing vehicle. Be sure to consider family and friends with spare keys as well. See if maybe they came to borrow your car without asking, and failed to return it in time. This could happen.

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