Your Best Options for Mounting a Tow Bar

When it comes to flat towing a vehicle with your car or truck, you can choose to use a trailer, or even a tow dolly, but sometimes, these options can take up too much room, or simply prove to be more complicated than the alternatives. If you are looking for better ways to flat tow a vehicle, perhaps you should consider using a tow bar.

Continue reading to learn more about tow bars, including their common types and the benefits they offer.

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5 Basic Tow Bar Parts

Drivers choose tow bars for flat towing because they simply offer the most convenience in terms of labor and space. They are smaller, and take up much less room than a trailer or tow dolly, plus they can be detached at your destination for instant access. When using a tow bar, the most important factor is safety. Part of being safe is ensuring you have the right tow bar setup.

There are essentially five components of a tow bar setup. These include a base plate kit, safety cable set, wiring, supplemental braking system, and of course, the actual tow bar. See our blog, “The 5 Components Need for Flat Towing” to learn about the laws and facts surrounding each part.

Tow Bar Mounting Options

You have two primary options for mounting your tow bar: RV mount and vehicle mount. The option you choose will depend mostly on personal preference, budget, and what you already have on hand.

RV Mounts

RV-mounted tow bars are widely approved as a best practice for flat towing because they allow for a very sturdy and stable connection since insert directly into an RV’s trailer hitch receiver. In fact, no coupler nor separate ball mount are needed. They are also less of a hassle because you can easily use a hitch lock to store your tow bar to your motor home when not in use. Another great quality of an RV-mounted tow bar is easy adjustment. All you have to do is use a hitch adapter to attain the increase or decrease required to meet your vehicle’s height.

Vehicle Mounts

Before there were RV-mounted tow bars, there were only vehicle mounted tow bars. These tow bars perform the same way as an A-frame trailer since they attach to a trailer hitch ball on an RV using an integrated coupler. Another important feature of car-mounted tow bars is their wide variety of make and models to choose from. This allows for more economically-priced options for those who only flat tow on occasion. Furthermore, the integrated coupler can be locked to hitch ball for enhance security against loss or theft.

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