Why Your New Car Does Not Have a Spare Tire

It is a frustrating, yet all-too-familiar, roadside scenario that happens to new car owners more often these days than it did in the past. A driver gets a flat, pulls over to change it, but when they pop open the trunk, there is no spare tire in sight. ‘Perhaps it’s under the car?’, they ask themselves, but upon inspection, no such luck. So, they turn to the car’s owners’ manual for information on the location of their BMW or GM vehicle, only to discover in the end that their new car does not come with a factory spare tire.

If this has just happened to you, there is still a possibility that your car comes with a factory alternative to a spare tire. However, it is also possible that it comes with nothing, in which case you will need some emergency roadside assistance flat tire service.

Continue reading to learn why more and more auto manufacturers are doing away with spare tires, what they are incorporating into their designs instead. This can give you a better understanding of why your new ride doesn’t have a donut in the trunk.

Flat Tire Roadside Assistance Indianapolis IN 317-247-8484
Flat Tire Roadside Assistance Indianapolis IN 317-247-8484

No More Spare Tires

Many automakers are making changes to the spare tire designs of their vehicles. In many cases, they are eliminating the spare tire altogether, replacing it with alternatives to an extra tire or donut. Why are they doing this? Space. Spare tires take up a lot of space in a vehicle, not just in the trunk, but in the overall design of the car. Automotive manufacturers have found that they can design a more space efficient vehicle by removing the spare tire and tire casing.

Weight Reduction Benefits

Losing the spare tire does more for a car other than giving it more storage or design space; it also males the car weigh less, which increases fuel efficiency and gas mileage, while also reducing energy consumption. The lighter the car, the less power it takes to operate it, namely gas and electricity. By taking the spare tire out of modern vehicle design, automakers have enhanced fuel efficiency and lightened the workload of the engine.

Common Spare Tire Alternatives

Many automakers have simply replaced the spare tire with a more space-efficient and weight-friendly alternative. For instance, BMW no longer puts spares in their designs because all of their modern models are equipped with run flat tires. Run-flats are designed with reinforced sidewalls that allow drivers to drive a reasonable distance further without placing additional pressure on the damaged tire or wheel. In addition to run-flat tires, some automakers, like GM, have opted for tire repair kits in their vehicles. Not only do these take up less space than an actual spare tire, but they can be used by people of all ages and strengths.

Flat Tire Solutions

If you are stuck on the side of the road with a damaged or flat tire, and your car does not have a spare or viable spare tire alternative, you can contact a local Indianapolis towing company for emergency roadside assistance. They change tires in a matter of minutes and can have you back on the road in no time at all.

Are you currently stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire in Central Indiana? Contact Zore’s Towing for 24 hour roadside assistance in Indianapolis and its surrounding counties. We specialize in Indianapolis flat tire repair, and serve all of Indy, including Avon, Lebanon, and Greenwood, Indiana.  

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Zore’s Towing Towing Wrecker Service Indianapolis
Zore’s Towing Towing Wrecker Service Indianapolis

The Importance of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Tire pressure monitoring systems, or TPMS, are vital tools for all vehicles. Not only can these innovative automotive systems save lives, they support proper vehicular maintenance and care. Continue reading to learn more about tire pressure monitoring systems, including which types are available, the differences between them, and what they can do for you.

Indianapolis Towing and Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Towing and Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484

Tire pressure monitoring systems are designed with innovative technology to detect and warn drivers of under-inflated and over-inflated tires. TPMS are always operating in a vehicle; so they constantly monitor and measure tire pressure to ensure that all tires are properly inflated. Not only can this prevent accidents and injuries, it can improve fuel efficiency, vehicle performance, and much more.

Indirect vs. Direct TPMS

There are two kinds of TPMS applied in modern vehicle technology: indirect and direct. Both types of tire pressure monitoring systems are created equal in nature, however, they each come with their fair share of pros and cons.

Indirect tire pressure monitoring systems is designed to monitor tire revolutions. By measuring the number of revolutions each tire is making as you drive, it can monitor changes in pressure and detect when the inflation is off. They are well noted for being more affordable than direct TPMS in regards to both initial investment and installation, as well as, for being low maintenance. However, drivers have had complaints about having to reset the system after re-inflation or any tire rotation.

Direct TPMS use actual monitoring sensors that are located in each tire. The sensors measure air pressure levels, and send wireless data to the vehicle’s computer system. Drivers appreciate the accurate readings a direct TPMS provides, no matter the condition of the tires. They also appreciate the 10-year average lifespan of the sensor batteries. On the other hand, direct systems are known to cost more, and their sensors are prone to damage during tire mounting. Another challenge to direct TPMS is that the entire system must be replaced when the sensor battery life runs out.

Older Models Without TPMS

Those without a modern tire pressure monitoring system in their vehicle are left to use manual tire gauges to measure tire pressure. In vehicles equipped with TPMS, a light will illuminate on the dashboard to indicate unsafe tire pressure detection. This light will remain on until the air pressure imbalance is resolved. Although it does not tell you which tire is low on air, it does alert you early on, which allows you to avoid sustaining any motor vehicle damage or experiencing an accident.

Unexpected Tire Troubles?

Zore's Towing Indianapolis 317-247-8484

Zore’s Towing Indianapolis 317-247-8484

Call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 for affordably-priced 24 hour emergency roadside assistance in Indianapolis and its surrounding counties. We offer 24 hour service, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Regardless of your roadside assistance needs, we are fully-equipped and always on-duty to help, from fuel delivery, lockout service, jump starts, and more. Request free estimates and advice, anytime.

6 Things a Roadside Assistance Service Can Do For You

Roadside Assistance Services 317-247-8484

Roadside Assistance Services 317-247-8484

Roadside assistance service is not something we drivers tend to think about until we actually need them. Then in the moment, they turn out to be one of the most valuable assets we could ask for. Many people have roadside assistance coverage in their car insurance policies, while many others simply purchase third party coverage or memberships, or utilize public roadside assistant services. Fortunately, roadside assistance operates on a 24 hour basis, and covers a long list of unexpected car problems.

Continue reading to learn 6 of the most common things a roadside assistance company can do for you, and where to find prompt and professional service you can trust.

Roadside Assistance Services:

Fuel Delivery

Have you ever run out of gas? Well a roadside assistance company can save you from making that dreaded (and dangerous) walk through the heat, cold, snow, or rain, all the way to the nearest gas station by delivering fuel right to your location. They will save you a lot of time too! Whether it is in the middle of the night, or out in the middle of nowhere, a roadside assistance truck can be there for you in a flash to deliver fuel and get you back on the road.

Lock Outs

Have you ever locked your keys in the car? That’s definitely one of the more frustrating car situations, especially if your car is running or you’re running late. A roadside assistance service has the proper tools to safely unlock your car and retrieve your keys without any damage to your vehicle.

Flat Tires

Have you ever popped a tire unexpectedly? A roadside assistance company can come right to you, change your tire, and even bring you a spare if you do not already have one. Think you can change a tire on your own? Well you might be right, but it is much safer and faster to use a professional roadside assistance service. Also, older vehicles may have lug nuts that are deteriorated and difficult to loose, ultimately making it impossible to remove the tire and change it. But a roadside assistance truck is stocked full of the proper tools needed to make these type of unexpected adjustments.

Vehicle Recovery

Have you ever been stuck in the snow or mud? Or perhaps in a ditch? This happens often when cars swerve off the road to avoid collisions, or lose control due to adverse weather like rain, ice, and snow. And once a car is stuck, it can be impossible to recover it without the proper equipment. A roadside assistance service retains the resources and training to pull you out and get you back on the road again.


Has your car ever broken down on the side of the road with no hint of starting back up again? A roadside assistance service can provide a prompt and professional tow straight to your home or to the auto repair shop of your choice!

Jump Starts

Has your car battery ever died? Jump starting your vehicle is simple as long as you have jumper cables and another battery to steal power from. But in the case that your car battery dies and you have no other vehicle to use for a jump start, or jumper cables, a roadside assistance service can help.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Towing

Indianapolis Towing 317-247-8484

Call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 for 24 hour roadside assistance in Indianapolis and all of Central Indiana. We retain a state-of-the-art fleet and utilize the latest technologies to deliver safe and professional roadside assistance services in a convenient time frame. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year! Call 317-247-8484 to request a free estimate for Indianapolis roadside assistance, anytime.

Common Types of Spare Tires

Indianapolis Towing Company 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Towing Company 317-247-8484

Whether they hide in the dark corners of car trunks, or exist as an exterior accessory to SUVs, spare tires are vital components to vehicle safety and convenience. It is important to check your vehicle’s spare tire as often as you can to ensure it is inflated and ready for use if needed. Some cars come with a spare tire, while many newer models do not. You can purchase a spare tire at any local automotive parts store, tire store, or any store with a large automotive department.

Decades ago, most spares used were full-sized standard tires; but today, there are more options to choose from depending on your vehicle type, driving habits, and personal preferences. Continue reading to learn about the most common types of spare tires in the automotive market, and how to determine which one is right for your vehicle.

Full Size Spare Tires

Several years ago, most new cars were equipped with full size spares. Full size spare tires are the same size as standard tires, so they can be used for an extended period of time. This is helpful for drivers that cannot take their vehicle to a shop right away or for those who drive a truck or SUV. They come matching and non-matching forms. A matching full size spare is one that is identical to the other tires on a vehicle. And a non-matching spare is not identical. Unless driving a large truck or SUV, non-matching spares are more common and preferred nowadays since they are lighter in weight and have shallower tread. This makes the spare easier to store and install, thus improving on fuel economy.

Compact Spare Tires

Also known as “donuts”, compact spare tires are the most frequently used spare for small to mid-sized vehicles. This is because they deliver the best balance in terms of function and size. They are also more-cost effective compared to full size spares. Although they are highly-effective and convenient, compact spares are not meant to be driven on for long distances or extended periods of time. They provide a temporary means to get your vehicle back on the road so you can drive directly to a tire shop.

Run Flat Tires

Some vehicles are manufactured with a sort-of “built-in” spare tire system. These are called run flat tires and are only found on certain make and model vehicles. Run flats contain reinforced tire walls that allow a vehicle to continue driving without using any tire pressure. They are monitored by a vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), which alerts drivers when the run flats have been punctured and are “in mode.” So vehicles that are equipped with run flats do not come with a spare tire at all.

Zore’s Towing

Tow Truck Service Indianapolis Indiana

Tow Truck Service Lawrence Indiana 317-247-8484

Call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 if you have a flat tire in Indianapolis, Indiana and need a quick tow. Our tow truck operators are certified, trained, and professional, offering a wide range of friendly and affordable towing and recovery services for all make and model vehicles, as well as, planes, duplexes, boats, semi-trucks, and more! Call us at 317-247-8484 for prompt 24 roadside assistance for flat tires in Indianapolis, IN any time!

How to Change a Tire Using a Spare

A flat tire is a minor misfortune that almost every driver will experience at least once in their life. Especially for new drivers, knowing how to respond to a flat tire is an important part of responsible driving. Not only can it protect you from danger, it can provide you the confidence of managing your own unexpected car problems when the situation calls for it. If you are unfamiliar with the process of changing a tire and using a spare, continue reading to learn how with our simple guide.

Spare Tires

Flat Tire Service 317-247-8484

Flat Tire Service 317-247-8484

A spare tire is generally customary in all modern vehicles. It is possible for used cars to be sold without their spare, so always be sure to check your vehicle before hitting the road. You always want to have a spare tire on-board in case of an emergency. You can purchase spare tires at a reasonable price in any auto parts store or tire store. Be sure to ask an associate for help with matching the right spare for your vehicle’s make and model.

Often times, spares are found in the trunk, underneath the surface. Other times, they are in the den of the trunk or in a compartment on the side. Refer to your owners’ manual for instructions on locating your cars spare tire. Along with the spare, there is usually a car jack as well. If your car is not equipped with a car jack, be sure to purchase one, as well as a tire iron, for your vehicle and keep it in there at all times.

What to Do

If you get a flat or blow a tire while driving, it is important to not panic. Simply flip on your hazard lights and direct the vehicle slowly and calmly to the right side of the road. Be sure you are far enough on the shoulder to be safe from oncoming traffic.

Once you are parked, turn off your ignition and keep your keys on your person. Always check your mirrors for oncoming traffic before exiting your vehicle. If you are on the freeway, it is strongly recommended to exit your vehicle from the passenger side if it’s
possible to climb over.

Next, locate your spare and your car jack. Place these items next to the flat tire so they are in arm’s reach when needed.

You will first need to lift your car off the ground to have the ability to remove the flat and replace it with a spare. Refer to your owners’ manual for instructions on using a car jack. They are fairly easy to use so do not get overwhelmed with the process. Simply find a solid area to place the jack underneath, and then use the lever to crank it up.

Continue cranking until the tire is lifted 1 to 2 inches off the ground. This will give you just enough space to freely remove the tire. Do not lift the car too high, this can cause accidents and damage to your vehicle.

Now that your car is jacked up, you can use the tire iron, or your hands, to unscrew the bolts on your wheel cap. There are usually four to five of them. They may be stuck or difficult to release if your car is old, so if the tire iron doesn’t work, your best bet is a roadside assistance service. They have the proper tools and muscle-power to remove your tire bolts and attach your spare in no time at all.

When you have the bolts removed, put them in a safe place nearby, and gently pull your flat tire off. Put it to the side as well. Be careful pulling your tire off so you do not tip your vehicle over while it’s on the jack.

Slide your spare tire on, and then replace all the bolts. Be sure they are fastened securely.

You are now ready to release the jack and lower your car back to the ground. Place the old tire and the jack back into your trunk. And carefully get back into the driver’s seat and pull out onto the road.

Be sure to drive immediately to a tire supply retailer for professional tire service and replacement. A spare is only a temporary means and should be driven on as little as possible.

Indianapolis Roadside Assistance

Zore's Towing Indianapolis 317-247-8484

Zore’s Towing Indianapolis 317-247-8484

Call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 for prompt and professional roadside assistance services in Indianapolis and throughout Central Indiana. We provide friendly and affordable flat tire service, lost or locked key service, jump starts, dead battery service, and much more. Trust us for fast help at a reasonable price. So the next time you need help in a flash, call 317-247-8484 for Indianapolis roadside assistance you can trust.