How Do I Know Which Tow Hitch to Use on My Trailer?

Indianapolis Towing Company 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Towing Company 317-247-8484

As a novice tower, it is important to understand the different components and techniques associated with safe towing procedures. One of the most important parts of towing any type of trailer is using the proper tow hitch. There are a variety of hitches for different types of tows and loads; if you are unsure about which one to use; ask a professional or continue reading for tips and advice on choosing the right towing hitch.

Tow Hitch Options

It can be simple choosing the right tow hitch for your haul; but be sure to consider your needs carefully to ensure a safer tow. As for the variety of tow hitches available; it is recommended to learn the different types before choosing one for your truck or trailer. It is a good idea to always get a larger setup then you actually require, so that you have room to change and adjust as you need. Refer to your trailers’ manual to determine the tongue weight and trailer weight when empty. Then add the weight of the load you expect to haul. The total amount of weight of the trailer can help you determine which size hitch to use.

One common style of hitch is called a Class I Trailer Hitch. These hitches are used for loads that are less than two tons, with a tongue weight below 200 pounds. For larger loads, a Class II Trailer Hitch is necessary. These hitches are used for trailers weighing more than 3,500 pounds, with a tongue weight up to 300 pounds. Class II hitches can be used for things like small boats, trailers, and campers. For even larger loads, something like a Draw Bar Hitch is required. These hitches can draw masses weighing up to 5,000 pounds with a tongue weight up to a half ton.

Professional Towing Services

If you are new to towing, it is important to understand the *common risks associated with novice towers* to protect yourself in any towing situation. If you are unsure about towing your trailer or camper, you should consult a professional towing company for advice and perhaps assistance. Reputable towing companies offer fair and reasonable rates to tow boats, trucks, trailers, and more. They often times offer across country towing services as well. If you are not ready to tow on your own, call a licensed and experienced towing service for assistance. This is the best way to ensure the safety of yourself, your haul, and other drivers on the road.

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Popular Tow Hitches on the Market Today

Indianapolis Towing Company 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Towing Company 317-247-8484

It is important to select the correct tow hitch for the type of tow you plan to achieve. Choosing the right hitch set-up is one of the first steps to safe towing. It can certainly be confusing trying to figure out which tow hitch to use; with selections ranging from Class 1 hitches to front mount hitches, and more. It is highly recommended to research different model hitches to determine which unit, tongue weight, ball mount, coupler, and other related fittings will facilitate your tow safely, effectively, and lawfully.

Continue reading to review a few popular hitches and accessories available on the market today. You can get started choosing the proper tow hitch for your towing needs today!

B&W Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitch

Gooseneck hitches are best for trucks. They are designed for a precise fit for any make or model truck, SUV, or van. This is because the hitch setup allows for easy hitch ball conversion; simply pull and twist the latch pin, then turn the ball over, and finally re-engage the latch pin. This easy set up allows for simpler and safer truck towing. Other great features of the Gooseneck hitches:

• They Meet All OEM Mounting Requirements
• It Bolts to All Existing Holes in Truck Frames
• No Need for Drilling or Welding
• Truck Bed Doesn’t Need Removed
• Manufacturer’s Warranty
• Minimal Need for Changes
• 30,000 lb. GTW/7,000 lb. VTW
• Long-Lasting Powdered Coat Finishes
• All Gooseneck Products are Manufactured in the USA

The B&W Turnover Ball Gooseneck hitch is a popular model because it doesn’t require truck owners to drill holes into their frame for installation; instead, it has an easy design making it simple to use. In just seconds, it allows you to set the hitch and return to a flat level bed in just a few seconds! It is also simple to install and usually won’t affect any existing manufacturer warranties. This is because all components are made to custom fit your exact year, make, and model vehicle. It does require a four inch hole in the truck bed; but it’s rated to 30,000 pounds Gross Trailer Weight and 7,500 pounds Tongue Weight. This is certainly a model to consider for tough towing jobs.

Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution Hitch

The Blue Ox hitch provides up to 1500 pounds of tongue weight capacity. It does this without jeopardizing the front end stability and over-all handling. The Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution Hitch is easy to connect and disconnect because it uses automatic bracket locks. This is all possible due to the precise adjustment of weight distribution for the trailer. It also comes with a snap-in spring bar that will not fall out of place while driving. Check out the details of the Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution Hitch below:

• Up to 1500 lbs. of Tongue Weight Capacity(TW)
• Built-in Sway Control
• Four Separate Adjustment Points
• Easy-to-Use Design
• Automatic Bracket Locks
• Available in Multiple TW Capacities
• Three Year Warranty

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For more information about tow hitches, call the professionals at Zore’s Towing in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can reach an experienced tow operator at 317-247-8484, day or night. We offer free estimates, emergency towing services, DIY advice, metal recycling and processing, junk car buying, and much more. Visit our website at for details about our towing services and flatbed tow truck inventories for Indiana. Again, call 317-247-8484 for accurate information and expert advice on tow hitches for truck towing in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding counties.