How to Do a Pre-Trip Check Before Hitting the Road With Your Trailer

Summer has officially begun, which means everyone is looking for ways to take full advantage of the amiable weather. From fishing and kayaking, to biking, camping, road tripping, and more, there are several summertime options to choose from, most of which likely requires the use of a trailer haul! But when you plan to hitch a trailer and hit the road this summer, whether driving a short distance or a long one, it is important to know how to stay safe. Fortunately, your experience puts you in a great position to haul your trailer from one point to another. So, all you really need is a reminder on how to perform a pre-trip inspection!

Continue reading to learn what to do when preparing your trailer haul for a road trip this summer!

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Pre-Trip Trailer Check Guide

The most important part of your pre-trip inspection is to ensure your trailer is properly connected to the hitch. Equally important is to ensure the vehicle and trailer brake lights and signals are connected and compatible. Here are the steps to take to ensure all of this and more:

Step 1 – Check your hitch.

If you have a standard ball hitch, the trailer tongue should attach to the towing vehicle’s hitch, properly. Test the quality of this connection by physically lifting the trailer. If it is properly attached, you should not be able to lift it at all. Be sure that the lock pins and locking mechanisms are also snapped into place, correctly. Along with checking your hitch in this step, be sure your trailer safety chains are properly crisscrossed and connected. To complete this first step, also check that your trailer connection has enough clearance. Any trailer wheels or stands should be placed back in their UP or DRIVE position.

Step 2 – Check Brake Lights and Signals

As mentioned, checking that the brake and signal lights are functioning in alignment with your towing vehicle’s lights is a top priority. Not only do you check that they work, you need to also ensure they are aligned with your towing vehicle. When you apply the brake in your car, the brake lights should illuminate on your trailer lights, and so forth. If you are alone, use the reflection from other cars or windows to see the lights. You can also do this the night before in the dark. Also in this step, ensure that the electrical wires that make these brake and signal light connections are cleared from the ground, as well as all other undercarriage parts.

🏞 You are now ready to drive!

It does help to practice a little before the big drive day to give you some more confidence on the road. Practice turning, backing up, parking, and disconnecting the trailer from the hitch. See our blog, “Frequently Asked Questions About Towing a Trailer” to learn some more tips and tricks for safe trailer towing.

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