How to Use Your Mirrors When Towing

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Indianapolis Towing Company 317-247-8484

The most important part of towing is safety. And one area of towing safety to practice and perfect is your ability to use your vehicle’s mirrors. They are there for a very good reason: to provide a wider scope of vision for drivers on and off the road. They should be used for backing up, driving in reverse, changing lanes, and more. Are you guilty of the head turn? Or perhaps the popular twist and turn to see behind you? These are poor driving habits that can cause minor to major accidents, muscle strains, and backaches.

If you are a driver, especially one that tows a trailer on a regular basis, you ought to learn the right method to using your mirrors when towing. Continue reading for tips to do just that!

Clean Mirrors

It may sound obvious, but it is a step that can be easily overlooked in the tedious process of hooking up and loading your trailer. Keeping your mirrors clean will give them more clarity, and will provide better depth perception and detailed view. It can be easy to forget, and often, mirrors won’t even appear dirty enough for a wipe-down. But don’t let that fool you. After grabbing a paper towel and some glass cleaner, you will be surprised to see just how much dirt actually comes off!

Install Bigger Mirrors

If you are towing loads with a trailer recurrently, consider larger mirrors. The general rule is for every 10 feet of vehicle, your mirror should be 1 inch in diameter. This includes the length of your towing vehicle plus the length of the load or trailer you are towing. So if your towing vehicle and trailer’s total length equals 50 feet, your mirrors should be 5 inches in diameter. Be sure your mirrors are the proper height and width, and if they are not, it is wise to replace your stock mirrors with larger ones. You can find specialty-sized truck and vehicle mirrors that are wider, bigger, and fold backwards, all for a reasonable price.

Adjust Mirrors Properly

It is important that your mirrors are not only big enough, but adjusted properly as well. While in the driver’s seat, you want to maximize the visible ground area below the vehicle. This improves on blind spots and enhances child safety. Test or reset the position of your mirrors by first sitting in the driver’s seat with the mirrors pointed straight so they are perpendicular (think of the letter “t”) with the road. Then one at a time, starting with the left, begin to move the mirrors outwards. Stop when you can see at least 200 feet behind the left side of your vehicle. Have a friend sit in the passenger seat to help with the right side.

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