Is Your New Year’s Resolution Better Gas Mileage?

Are you looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption in 2020? If so, these gas mileage tips might help you get started on developing better driving and car care habits for the new year!

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How to Lower Your Gas Consumption

➤ Eliminate Extra Weight

The first step to reducing fuel consumption is reducing any excess weight within your vehicle. Remove any heavy items that have been stored there for some time.  Things like sporting equipment, clothes, books, trunk items, and more can all add unnecessary weight to your ride. The heavier a vehicle is, the more fuel it requires for motion. This is the easiest and quickest way to immediately improve gas mileage on your own.

➤ Don’t Idle Too Long

Another approach to saving on fuel is to avoid long idle times in your car. Next time you go to pick up pizzas for the family, park and walk into the store rather than pulling up and allowing your car to run while you are inside paying. Unbeknown to ordinary drivers, this action causes our fuel to burn up almost as fast as it would if we were driving.  Avoid taking lunch breaks in your car, leaving it on while applying makeup, or listening to music before school. This will eat your fuel up faster than you would believe.

➤ Practice Better Driving

If you really want to reduce your gas mileage and fuel consumption, try driving better. You may believe you are a fantastic driver, especially if you have a solid record. But this does not mean you can’t improve on your skill. Driving fast, erratically, taking off fast, and coming to abrupt stops can cause your vehicle to use more fuel than it needs to. It can also damage your vehicle’s inner workings. Try driving slower, smoother, and in a more consistent manner can help reduce fuel consumption and save you money in the long run.

➤ Service Your Car as Needed

It is also highly suggest getting regular scheduled maintenance for your vehicle to keep it in good condition. Oil changes, engine cleanings, tire services, and more all contribute to the efficiency of your car’s fuel consumption.

➤ Never Drive a Malfunctioning Car

If you experience problems on the road while driving, it is vital that you pull the car over immediately, and contact a local Indianapolis roadside assistance service. Driving a car while it is malfunctioning in any way will put more strain and stress on the engine, and therefore, use up more fuel. Worst of all, it can cause additional damage to the inner workings of your vehicle.

Who to Trust for 24 Hour Roadside Assistance in Indiana

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