Trailer Hitch Adapter Installation Tips

Recently, we published a blog discussing why you should not use a hitch-mounted wheelchair or scooter lift with a trailer hitch adapter. In today’s blog, we will further this discussion by giving you a guide to installing a trailer hitch adapter for all your other towing needs and applications. Continue reading to get started!

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Why Use a Trailer Hitch Adapter?

Using a trailer hitch adapter comes with many benefits. Not only does it make it easier to use a 2 inch hitch accessory with a 1 ¼ inch receiver, it also provides a steady and reliable  option for hitch mounted bike racks and cargo carriers designed for 2” receiver hitches.

What You Need to Watch Out For

As mentioned above and in an earlier blog, never use a hitch-mounted carrier lift with a trailer hitch adapter. Furthermore, when using a trailer hitch adapter, be sure to use a cargo support system, such as straps, to prevent movement of your load, as well as, decrease extra stress on the adapter.

Additionally, you much check your receiver hitch tongue weight rating before setting up. You want your tongue weight rating to be greater than your combined cargo weight. See our blog, “A Review of Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings” to learn where to find your trailers GWR, and how to calculate your numbers.

Installing a Trailer Hitch Adapter

The most important aspect of installing a trailer hitch adapter is security. Not only do you want to ensure that your hitch is secure, you want to ensure that your cargo will be safe during transport. Fortunately, installation is relatively easy. Start by inserting the trailer hitch adapter into your towing vehicle’s receiver. Then secure the pins and clips. From there, install your 2” accessory, also securing it with pins and clips. Finish by fortifying your load with cargo support straps.

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