Towing Pendleton, Indiana

Need a professional and speedy tow in Pendleton, IN? Then call Zore’s towing right away! We are open all year round, 24/7, allowing us to serve the community anytime, anywhere, and in any weather condition.  We tow all types of vehicles, small to large.  For a trusted and well-known tow truck company in Pendleton, Indiana, call Zore’s right away.

Tow Company Pendleton, IN

Zore’s Towing is the answer to any roadside assistance needs in Pendleton, Indiana.  Your vehicle is in safe hands when being serviced by one of our professional and experienced certified drivers.  Zore’s Towing has over 80 years in the business and is family owned and operated.  We have a surplus of resources available to quickly respond to any tow situation, as well as the skill to safely handle all vehicles.  Zore’s Towing are the people to call to assure safe and speedy roadside assistance in Pendleton, IN.
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