Car Towed?

Was Your Car Towed in Indianapolis?

Zore’s Towing can help you find and retrieve your towed car in Indianapolis, quickly and conveniently. We retain a state-of-the-art computer dispatching system that allows us to accurately track vehicles using detailed information like the VIN number, license plate number, vehicle color, date of tow, and more.

As a leading Indianapolis towing company that serves more than 30 Central Indiana towns, you can trust our technologies to find your car and provide the accurate information on how to get it released. Whether your van was towed from a no parking zone, you broke down the day before and now your car is missing from the lot, or the police impounded your truck, we can help you get it back on the road in no time.

How to Get Your Towed Car Back From Zore’s Towing

To save on additional lien fees and storage charges, do not come in at night, or on weekends or Holidays. Visit our Indianapolis impound during regular business hours, Monday through Friday for faster service and lower storing costs.

Be ready to fill out some paperwork to get your towed car out of our impound. You will also be required to present certain documents, including proof of ownership of the vehicle, photo ID, and form of payment. If your vehicle has a hold on it, you will also need a release form.

Accepted proof of ownership documents will include a car title (in your name), current vehicle registration, signed-over title w/notarized bill of sale, and dealer’s report of sale (DRS). For towed rental cars, you will need the rental contract in your name.

Accepted proof of photo identifications will include an active drivers’ license, government-issued photo id, passport/passport card, declaration of arrest w/notice of, and driver license revocation.

Police Impound Towed Car Retrieval in Indiana

Zore’s Towing works closely with 9 different law enforcement departments (Boone, Hendricks, Clermont, Lebanon, Speedway, Avon, Whitestown, Plainfield, and the Indiana Police Department) throughout Central Indiana, so if your car was towed by police, we have the resources necessary to provide you with instant answers regarding your missing vehicle.
A Trusted Indiana Towing Business That Cares
We are not like other towing companies in Indiana that charge you excessive fees and make it difficult to get your car out of the impound. We truly want to help you get your car or truck back as quickly as possible before storage fees can add up. As a family owned Indiana towing company built on old-fashioned values of integrity and respect, we remain dedicated to our generational legacy of providing warm and courteous service for all clients.

Contact us at 317-247-8484 or TOLL FREE at 1-800-523-7304 to learn more about getting your car out of impound after it has been towed in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is recommended to come in the morning during the week for faster service.