Are Diesel and Petrol the Same Thing?

When it comes to fuel economy, every driver is open to finding new ways to save. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding fuel efficiency has to do with choosing the proper fuel for a vehicle. But in order to choose the right fuel for your car, it is important to understand the differences between your primary options: petrol and diesel.

Continue reading to learn more about both types of propellants for a better understanding of how to improve your fuel efficiency, as well as, what to do if you find yourself stuck on the side of the road in need of fuel.

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Diesel vs. Petrol

Petrol is simply another term of conventional gasoline, while diesel describes a different type of fuel. Although both produced from mineral oil, diesel and petrol are quite different in terms of chemical properties, refinement, applications, and performance. You must refer to the owners’ manual of your car or fuel-powered equipment to confirm which type of fuel it is best suited to use.

Diesel is a crude oil that is easier to refine compared to petrol. However, it contains more pollutants, which must be extracted in order for diesel to achieve the same level of emissions as conventional gasoline fuel. On the other hand, diesel has more energy than petrol, and the combustion process tends to be more efficiency, which in turn promotes higher fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions in comparison. Diesel fuel is recommended only for motors that are designed to operate on diesel. Many European cars operate on diesel, but here in the states, it is less common.

Putting Petrol in a Diesel Engine

Never put gasoline in a diesel engine. If you were to put regular gasoline into a vehicle that runs on a diesel engine, the damage can be catastrophic to the engine and fuel system. If this ever happens by accident, you will have to have the entire fuel system cleaned. This includes everything from the tank and lines, to the injectors, filter, and more.

In the opposite scenario, the effects would not be as catastrophic, but they would still be concerning. Not only will it make the car smoke excessively, the car will not perform well. Furthermore, it may clog the fuel filter, lines, and injectors. If you were to continue giving a gasoline engine diesel, the engine would eventually stop working altogether.

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