Where to Find 24 Hour Indianapolis Roadside Assistance Service You Can Afford

Indiana Roadside Assistance Company 317-247-8484
Indiana Roadside Assistance Company 317-247-8484

Zore’s Towing Serves All of Central Indiana

No one plans for something to go wrong on the road. But when they do, Hoosiers can always count on Zore’s Towing for prompt and professional roadside assistance, regardless of time or day. Since 1927, we have a provided a wide range of roadside assistance services in Indianapolis and throughout Central Indiana.

Furthermore, for the past 90 years, we have earned a reputation for trusted service at a fair price! Our licensed towing and recovery division retains an extensive fleet of over 35 tow trucks and wrecker equipment, allowing us to assist drivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, rain, snow, or ice.

Zore’s Towing is Always Fast and Affordable

Our certified drivers are highly-trained and experienced in the towing and recovery industry and can provide safe and efficient roadside assistance services for all make and model vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, and semis.

We make your safety and your personal time a priority and aim to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Whether you have a flat tire or locked your keys in the car, Zore’s Towing can be there for you in a flash to offer friendly and effective service you can trust! Call our Indianapolis headquarters at 317-247-8484 anytime to request fast roadside assistance in Central Indiana.

Zore’s Towing Operates 24/7/365

Zore’s Towing operates on a 24 hour basis, working all across the state, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We are even open on National holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving and operate in the most severe weather! Our extensive fleet of wrecker equipment and state-of-the-art computer dispatching system allows us to provide a wide range of towing and recovery services, quickly and safely anywhere in Central Indiana.

Our Roadside Assistance Services Include,
But are Not Limited to…

☑ Flat Tires
☑ Tire Changes
☑ Fuel Delivery
☑ Battery Service
☑ Dead Batteries
☑ ump Starts
☑ Rolling Starts
☑ Unlocking Doors
☑ Towing
☑ Overheating Engines
☑ Engine Trouble
☑ Wiper Replacement
☑ Extrication/Winching

Are you in need of towing or roadside assistance right now? If so, contact us directly at 317-247-8484 for prompt and professional Indianapolis IN roadside assistance you can afford. We also provide 24 hr towing services.

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Zore’s Towing Towing Wrecker Service Indianapolis
Zore’s Towing Towing Wrecker Service Indianapolis

What Side is My Gas Tank On?

Do you know which side your gas tank is on? Well, if you are reading this blog, you might not, or perhaps you are interested in learning why auto manufacturers place tank fillers on the left or right side of a vehicle. Either way, there is good reason why gas tank sides are chosen, and it is easy to figure out which side yours in located on in a matter of seconds!

Continue reading to learn how to instantly discover which side of the car a gas tank is located and why.

Fuel Delivery Roadside Assistance Indiana
Fuel Delivery Roadside Assistance Indiana 317-247-8484

Look at Your Dashboard and Fuel Gauge

To find out which side your gas tank is located on your car, all you have to do is look at your dashboard where the fuel gauge is located. On virtually all automobiles, especially modern ones, the fuel gauge will have an indicator arrow (►) next to the fuel icon. Decide that this arrow is pointing to is the side the gas tank is located on. Preview the picture above and notice how the gas tank arrow icon points to the left (⯇). This is indicating that the gas tank is located on the left side of the vehicle.

Older Automobiles and Trucks

Some cars might not have this fuel gauge icon indicator. Older vehicles, custom cars, classics, and vintage automobiles are some common examples of vehicles that will indicate the gas filler tank side a different way. It may be discussed in the owners’ manual, or on a label within the driver’s side door jam.

Why Not Make Them All the Same?

You would think that auto manufacturers would just make the gas tank side standard on all cars, but this is not practical. In most cases, auto manufacturers and designers choose the location of the gas tank based on the surrounding auto part needs of the vehicle. For instance, it might make more sense to put the tank on the right because another nearby mechanism or part will perform better on the left.

Another reason why gas tank location will likely never be standardized is because of the different driving customs in another countries. In countries that drive on the left side of the road, such as the United Kingdom (UK), many auto makers prefer to place the gas tank on the driver’s side (right side), which is the same side as the steering wheel. Oppositely, Americans tend to prefer a left-side gas tank.

Are you out of gas in Central Indiana and require emergency fuel delivery? Contact Zore’s Towing for 24 hour roadside assistance in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. We serve all of Central Indiana with car lockout service, flat tire service, jump starts, fuel fill ups, towing, and more!

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Zore’s Towing Towing Wrecker Service Indianapolis
Zore’s Towing Towing Wrecker Service Indianapolis

What To Do If You Run Out of Gas Near Indianapolis

Life throws us all sorts of obstacles along the way and running out of gas while in Indianapolis is just another one on the list. But not to worry; if this ever happens to you, there are steps you can take that will get your problem solved in little to no time at all! Continue reading to learn what to do if you run out of gas in Indianapolis or its surrounding Central Indiana towns.

Fuel Delivery Roadside Assistance  Indianapolis Indiana 317-247-8484
Fuel Delivery Roadside Assistance Indianapolis Indiana 317-247-8484

Roadside Safety 101 When You Run Out of Fuel

In most cases of an empty gas tank, a car will give off several clues that will allow a driver to safely bring the vehicle to a stop. Most often, the fuel tank gauge on the dashboard will indicate a car’s fuel levels, but sometimes, a person can drive their car for several more miles when the arrow is pointed on EMPTY, which tends to cause a lot of on-the-road empty tank situations. But in many cases, as is with human nature, even when we know the tank is low, we tend to simply forget to fill up!

Aside from the dashboard gauge, a car that is running low on fuel will also begin to drive differently, sputtering, jerking, or slowing down even though your foot is on the gas pedal. When this happens, you do not want to force the car to drive any more than it has to. You want to simply focus on getting to a safe and solid place.

How to Safely Pull Over with an Empty Gas Tank

When your car begins to show signs of an empty gas tank, it is a good time to pull the car over on the right side of the road where you will be safe. Do not pull over on the left side of the road unless you have no other choice. If you do not make it all the way to the side of the road, you can put the car’s gear into neutral and manually push the car yourself by standing in the open driver or passenger side door. Do not push a car from behind under any circumstances.

Now What?

The most important consideration when running out of gas while driving is safety. Once you have found safe and solid location to pull your vehicle over, your next step is to contact an Indianapolis Indiana roadside assistance company for fuel delivery service.

Never attempt to walk to a gas station yourself, as this is how many pedestrian car accidents and fatalities take place. Instead, sit inside your car with your hazard lights on, and wait for your roadside tow truck to arrive. They use dispatching systems so you will not have to wait very long at all.

In fact, well-established and reputable roadside service businesses operate on 24 hour basis and maintain a broad service area. This means you should be able to get gas delivered to your location no matter the time of day or night. Just be sure you choose a reputable service provider.

Are you currently out of gas on the side of the road in Indianapolis or a surrounding county? Contact Zore’s Towing for 24 hour roadside assistance at the most affordable prices in Central Indiana. We serve all of Indy and its surrounding locations, including Avon, Lebanon, and Greenwood, Indiana.  

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Zore’s Towing Towing Wrecker Service Indianapolis
Zore’s Towing Towing Wrecker Service Indianapolis

How to Increase Gas Mileage for Any Car or Truck

With the gasoline prices soaring through the roof these days, many people appreciate new and effective ways to increase their car’s fuel mileage.  Many products on the market today claim to be the answer to better fuel consumption, but unfortunately they are not effective at all.  Increasing the miles per gallon in your car or truck can save you hundreds of dollars cumulatively.

Continue reading to learn how you can save time and money by extending the life of your fuel!

24 Hour Roadside Assistance & Towing 317-247-8484
Out of Gas? Call 317-247-8484 for 24 Hour Roadside Assistance!

Top-Recommended Gas Mileage Tips

Many drivers are unaware that the way they drive their car can affect the amount of gas it uses per mile driven. Fortunately, there are ways to improve and regulate your fuel consumption. Here are some ways you can help increase the fuel mileage in your vehicle, simply by changing your driving habits:

⛐ Avoid Over-Acceleration and Erratic Driving

If you drive smooth, steady, and at the proper speed limits, your car will naturally use the gasoline appropriately without over consuming it, saving gas and money.  Do not drive fast and whip your car around turns and make sudden stops.  This wastes the fuel in your tank.

🛢 Take Everything Out of Your Trunk

Anything that weighs more than a few pounds can be removed from your trunk making your car lighter on its wheels.  Because the car isn’t hauling as much weight, it doesn’t need to over use fuel to be able to carry the heavy cargo. 

🚙 Car Pool Any Chance You Get

By combining trips to work and other common spots, you can save a lot of money and fuel.  Car-pooling can allow a person to cut their driving in half!  This is a huge contribution to advanced and increased gas mileage and saving money on fuel.

If You Ever Run Out of Gas in Indiana…

Call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 for 24 hour roadside assistance for fuel fill-ups in Indianapolis, or anywhere within Central Indiana. Our friendly staff is waiting by the phones, ready to help you get back on the road, safe and sound. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, so you can always count on us. Request a free estimate, today.

Indianapolis Towing & Recovery 317-247-8484

Are Diesel and Petrol the Same Thing?

When it comes to fuel economy, every driver is open to finding new ways to save. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding fuel efficiency has to do with choosing the proper fuel for a vehicle. But in order to choose the right fuel for your car, it is important to understand the differences between your primary options: petrol and diesel.

Continue reading to learn more about both types of propellants for a better understanding of how to improve your fuel efficiency, as well as, what to do if you find yourself stuck on the side of the road in need of fuel.

24 Hour Indiana Roadside Assistance
24 Hour Indiana Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484

Diesel vs. Petrol

Petrol is simply another term of conventional gasoline, while diesel describes a different type of fuel. Although both produced from mineral oil, diesel and petrol are quite different in terms of chemical properties, refinement, applications, and performance. You must refer to the owners’ manual of your car or fuel-powered equipment to confirm which type of fuel it is best suited to use.

Diesel is a crude oil that is easier to refine compared to petrol. However, it contains more pollutants, which must be extracted in order for diesel to achieve the same level of emissions as conventional gasoline fuel. On the other hand, diesel has more energy than petrol, and the combustion process tends to be more efficiency, which in turn promotes higher fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions in comparison. Diesel fuel is recommended only for motors that are designed to operate on diesel. Many European cars operate on diesel, but here in the states, it is less common.

Putting Petrol in a Diesel Engine

Never put gasoline in a diesel engine. If you were to put regular gasoline into a vehicle that runs on a diesel engine, the damage can be catastrophic to the engine and fuel system. If this ever happens by accident, you will have to have the entire fuel system cleaned. This includes everything from the tank and lines, to the injectors, filter, and more.

In the opposite scenario, the effects would not be as catastrophic, but they would still be concerning. Not only will it make the car smoke excessively, the car will not perform well. Furthermore, it may clog the fuel filter, lines, and injectors. If you were to continue giving a gasoline engine diesel, the engine would eventually stop working altogether.

Out of Fuel in Central Indiana?

Call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 for 24 hour roadside assistance and towing services in Indianapolis and throughout Central Indiana. Our friendly staff is waiting by the phones, ready to help you get back on the road, safe and sound. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, so you can always count on us. Request a free estimate, today.

Indianapolis Towing & Recovery 317-247-8484

Common Roadside Problems and Solutions

When you are the owner and operator of a vehicle, you have certain obligations to fulfil, like insurance coverage, licensing, plate stickers, and more. Along with these responsibilities, you should also have a plan in place for sudden, unexpected roadside scenarios. Flat tires, broken windshield wipers, overheating engines, and being lock out are just some of the common examples drivers experience on the road.

When circumstances like these occur, it is important to be prepared; not only with the right tools and resources, but also with the right knowledge. Continue reading to review common roadside problems, and suggested solutions for each!

Indianapolis Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484

Flat Tires

Flat tires are one of the most common roadside dilemmas drivers experience on the road. Run-flat tires are great options for areas where flats are common, as they protect the rim of the wheel while you slowly drive your vehicle to the nearest shop for repair. If you do not have such tire technology, you need to be sure you have a kit handy to change your tire. This can be a tire plug kit for patching a hole, or it can be a jack and spare tire setup. See our blog, “How to Change a Tire Using a Spare,” to learn how to do it yourself.

Overheating Engine

Overheating engines can happen for a number of reasons. The most common reason an engine overheats a vehicle that is in good condition has to do with lack of coolant. It is important to have the proper water-to-coolant ratio for proper cooling operation. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual to learn the proper coolant concentration recommended for your make and model car or truck. Also, keep a bottle of radiator fluid in your trunk so that you can be prepared to tend to an overheated engine. Always be sure to let the engine cool down completely before opening the hood.

Broken Windshield Wiper Blades

If your windshield wiper blades are broken, and you are driving in the middle of a rainstorm, you are in a very unsafe position. Immediately pull over and wait for the rain to pass, or be prepared to change your windshield wipers manually. By keeping an extra set of quality windshield wiper blades in your vehicle, you are well-prepared for this kind of disaster.

Out of Fuel

A vehicle running out of gasoline is a common scenario that virtually all drivers have experienced once in their life. It is not a good idea to keep an extra jug of fuel in your vehicle for roadside emergencies like this, however, it is a good idea to keep an empty fuel jug so that you can walk to the nearest gas station and fill it up.

Locked Out of the Car

Locking your keys in the car is a major inconvenience, especially if your engine is still running since it can cost you precious fuel. If this happens to you, you have a few options. The one you use will largely depend on the resources you have, and personal preference. You can use a long shoe string, or other type of string, you can create a slip knot and use it to manually unlock the door, or you can try the old coat hanger method.

Stuck in a Ditch

For those stuck on the side of the road, you have a few options for escape. If you believe you are in a particularly dangerous position, contact the highway police for added protection. To get yourself out, you can use the rocking method, where you reverse and drive back and forth until your vehicle can gain the momentum needed to spring itself out; or, you can add dry soil around each tire for added traction. You can also jack up the car and add wood boards, floor mats, trunk liner, gravel, sand, or any other material you have that could work as a surface. Keep in mind that this is not recommended if you are on a busy highway or street. It can be very risky and dangerous.

The BEST Course of Action for All Roadside Emergencies:

Contact an Indianapolis roadside assistance company that provides 24 hour service. They have the materials and resources to protect you, your passengers, and your vehicle, while also resolving any of the above-mentioned emergencies and more.

Affordable and Fast 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Towing Company Indianapolis, Indiana 317-247-8484

24 Hour Towing and Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484

Call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 for affordably-priced emergency roadside assistance in Indianapolis and its surrounding counties. We offer 24 hour service, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Regardless of your roadside assistance needs, we are fully-equipped and always on-duty to help. Choose from fuel delivery, lockout service, jump starts, and more. Call 317-247-8484 when you need fast Indianapolis roadside assistance you can trust!