Hazardous Road Conditions to Avoid on a Motorcycle

This time of year, the rate of traffic accidents increases drastically. When it comes to types of accident victims, motorcyclists are at the top of the list. Some of the most common causes for motorcycle accidents in the United States are speeding, loss of control, driving at night, approaching unexpected curves in the road, and intoxicated driving. This tells us that the best way to prevent motorcycle accidents is to avoid dangerous driving. Unlike cars, motorcycles and their drivers are more vulnerable to inclement weather and unreliable road conditions. For this reason, one of the most important aspects of avoiding dangerous driving is to avoid driving in hazardous conditions.

Continue reading to learn which roads can be the most dangerous on a motorcycle, and who to call after wrecking your bike in an Indiana motorcycle accident.

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Unpredictable Roads

Unpredictable roads are not a safe route for motorcycles because they can be full of unexpected turns, curves, bends, obstacles, roadblocks, and more. Conditions like narrow roads, loose gravel, rock beds, uneven surfaces, mud, oil, water runoff, fallen trees, road construction, and similar obstructions are common hurdles that motorcyclists must look out for at all times.

For instance, roads with gravel or loose aggregate can make it quite challenging to apply the brakes and come to a safe stop, especially for beginners or inexperienced drivers. Unpredictable roads can be even more dangerous at night. You cannot see a fallen tree or sudden bend in the dark as well as you can during the day. When combined with unsafe driving practices, like speeding, unpredictable roads can be incredibly dangerous.

Wet and Muddy Roads

Rain and snow can create some unpleasant driving conditions, but for motorcycles, these unpleasant driving conditions can be flat out dangerous. Muddy roads are a common obstacle for motorcycles. Not only is it a challenge to navigate a motorcycle through thick, sticky mud, it is very difficult to maintain control and stability.

The best way to avoid an accident is to avoid driving on a muddy road altogether. If the road is only slightly muddy, you can proceed with caution by driving slowly to avoid slipping or sliding. Just be sure to rinse your bike clean of mud when you arrive at your destination to prevent rusting and mechanical issues. These factors can cause a decline in performance and safety, as well.

Winding Roads

Meandering and winding roads, like those found in the hills or mountain ranges, can be very dangerous on a motorcycle. These roads are even more dangerous in inclement weather, at night, and when the sun is setting. For this reason, driving a motorcycle on winding roads requires more alert driving. Furthermore, it requires sufficient practice and experience to adopt the skills of accurate timing and good judgment for navigating twisty or narrow roads on a motorcycle.

For beginner motorcyclists, it is recommended to start on small hills so that you can practice using good timing and navigational judgment while taking turns and bends. Eventually, you should learn how to set up for a curve. Keep in mind that this skill set takes years of driving experience to perfect.

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