How to Get Your Car Out After Driving into a Ditch

Now that some snow trickle has arrived, it is officially that time of year when the most traffic accidents take place. One of the most common roadway emergencies seen during Indiana winters are cars that wind up driving into a ditch. When this happens, drivers are typically stuck unless they take some action to free their vehicle from the trench.

If you are currently facing the same situation, continue reading to learn how to get your car out after driving it into a ditch. At least one of these solutions will guarantee your safety and release.

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Address Your Safety

The very first thing you should do after driving into a ditch is address everyone’s safety, including your own. Once you know everyone is unharmed, take several minutes to observe your surroundings. Do not immediately get out of your car to examine the damage. Instead, wait first, and ensure that you are out of the way of oncoming traffic or any other hazards. If anyone is hurt, call 911 and request paramedics right away.

Attempt to Get Out on Your Own

Now comes the part where you attempt to get your car out of the ditch it is in, all on your own. In minor cases of cars being stuck in ditches, it is possible to do this with very little effort. Start by seeing if you can alter the load weight inside your vehicle. Perhaps move around some luggage or belongings from the back to the front, or vice versa, or remove them altogether. This adjustment might help your car gain enough traction to free itself from the ditch.

If not, it is time to address traction. You can place certain things in front of your wheels to increase traction. Try cardboard, sand, cat litter, and even your floor mats. For front wheel drive cars, focus on the front wheels. For rear-wheel drive cars, focus on placing things in front of the back wheels.

Contact a 24 Hour Tow Truck

When all else fails, your surefire way of freeing a car stuck in the ditch is emergency roadside assistance services. Contact a local, 24 hour towing company that offers roadside assisting, including recovery service, which is what you need to pull your vehicle out of the trench. Your car insurance might cover this fee, otherwise, it is very affordable. You can expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $75 or so.

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