What Side is My Gas Tank On?

Do you know which side your gas tank is on? Well, if you are reading this blog, you might not, or perhaps you are interested in learning why auto manufacturers place tank fillers on the left or right side of a vehicle. Either way, there is good reason why gas tank sides are chosen, and it is easy to figure out which side yours in located on in a matter of seconds!

Continue reading to learn how to instantly discover which side of the car a gas tank is located and why.

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Look at Your Dashboard and Fuel Gauge

To find out which side your gas tank is located on your car, all you have to do is look at your dashboard where the fuel gauge is located. On virtually all automobiles, especially modern ones, the fuel gauge will have an indicator arrow (►) next to the fuel icon. Decide that this arrow is pointing to is the side the gas tank is located on. Preview the picture above and notice how the gas tank arrow icon points to the left (⯇). This is indicating that the gas tank is located on the left side of the vehicle.

Older Automobiles and Trucks

Some cars might not have this fuel gauge icon indicator. Older vehicles, custom cars, classics, and vintage automobiles are some common examples of vehicles that will indicate the gas filler tank side a different way. It may be discussed in the owners’ manual, or on a label within the driver’s side door jam.

Why Not Make Them All the Same?

You would think that auto manufacturers would just make the gas tank side standard on all cars, but this is not practical. In most cases, auto manufacturers and designers choose the location of the gas tank based on the surrounding auto part needs of the vehicle. For instance, it might make more sense to put the tank on the right because another nearby mechanism or part will perform better on the left.

Another reason why gas tank location will likely never be standardized is because of the different driving customs in another countries. In countries that drive on the left side of the road, such as the United Kingdom (UK), many auto makers prefer to place the gas tank on the driver’s side (right side), which is the same side as the steering wheel. Oppositely, Americans tend to prefer a left-side gas tank.

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