How to Jump Start a Dead Car Battery

If you have never jump started a dead car battery on your own, it is time that you learn! It is one of the easier automotive troubleshooting repairs a driver can do on their own, without professional assistance or invasive operations. All you need is a set of jumper cables and another working car battery to recharge your car or truck on your own.

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Why Car Batteries Die

Automotive batteries typically last anywhere from three to five years, depending on make, model, and the condition of the vehicle. It can also depend on the number of miles driven. Car batteries run on battery fluid, which eventually runs out, causing a battery to die. Other reasons why a car battery can die include exposure to extreme temperatures, leaving the lights on for an extended period of time when the car is not in use, not driving a car in a long time, and more. In some cases, a car battery cannot be jump started, and instead, will require a whole new battery.

How to Jump Start a Dead Car Battery:

➀ Position the working vehicle’s engine close to your car engine so the jumper cables can touch both.

➁ Turn both vehicles off and remove keys from ignition.

➂ Locate the car batteries for each vehicle.

➃ Attach the negative and positive jumper cable clamp to the matching negative and positive sides of each battery. Refer to the owner’s manual for help identifying these cells. Be sure the clamps are secured and the cables are not touching the engines.

➄ Return the keys to the operational vehicle’s ignition and turn the engine on.

➅ Allow the operational vehicle to run for 5 or 6 minutes.

➆ With the jumper cables still secured, return the keys to the dead vehicle and turn the engine on. It should start right up!

If the Engine Does Not Turn Over….

⛿ Keep the jumper cables on and allow the battery to charge for an additional 5 minutes.

⛿ Now turn the engine on again. If the engine turns on, still allow the cables to charge the battery a few minutes longer. If the engine does not turn on, you likely need a mechanic.

⛿ Be sure to turn both vehicles off before removing the jumper cables. Then just close the hood and wait for an Indianapolis tow truck to transport your vehicle to your auto shop of choice!

No Jumper Cables? Use Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance services are a fantastic convenience for all drivers of all ages, but even more so for adolescents just starting out. Roadside assistance offers services for flat tires, dead batteries, overheating engines, fuel assistance, and more. When your car or truck battery runs out of juice while driving, you can simply contact one of these roadside services for a jump start.

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