How to Prepare Your Car for a Spring Break Road Trip

Spring is just about here, which means Spring Break plans are already in motion! If you are planning a road trip for spring break this year, keep in mind that it requires a fair amount of thought, research, and preparation. In addition to making all the necessary arrangements, mapping a driving course, and packing, be sure not to overlook another important aspect of road-tripping, which is car care. Simply topping of the gas tank and re-filling windshield wiper fluid won’t cut it; and stocking up on air fresheners won’t either. So, when it comes to going on a road trip, you must also prepare your vehicle for optimal safety and dependability.

Continue reading to learn how to prepare your car for a fun and safe Spring Break road trip!

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Perform a Full Vehicle Inspection

Before planning a road trip with your personal vehicle, it is important to first determine just how “ready” your car is for long distance driving. A simple pre-road trip inspection should do the trick. You can choose to do it yourself, or hire a licensed mechanic to do it for you. By finding small problems and having them repaired before your trip, you can greatly reduce the chances of experiencing costly mechanical problems on the road. This avoids a long list of safety hazards, inconveniences, and unexpected expenses.

What to Inspect:

Check all vehicle filters and fluids. Fluids include motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and battery fluid. Replenish necessary fluids and replace old or dirty filters wit new ones. You may need a licensed mechanic for help with this part of the inspection.

Check all hoses and belts for signs of damage or deterioration. Look for brittle, cracked, kinked, frayed, or loose belts and hoses. These are critical to your vehicle’s electrical system and should be repaired before a long road trip.

Check the vehicle’s alignment, tire tread, and tire pressure. Get a tire rotation and balance, as well as an alignment if these areas are off in any way. See our blog, “How to Test Tire Tread Using a Penny” to determine if your tires have enough tread for a long-distance drive.

Check the brake system. Be sure the battery connection is clean, well-fit, and free of corrosion. Check brake pads and replace worn or old ones.

Check all exterior vehicle lights, including brake lights, hazards, parking lights, and more. Replace bulbs and fuses as necessary.

Check your gas cap. Be sure it is damage-free and secure. Also be sure your license plate is not loose or missing any screws.

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