Towing Services Can Be More than Just Tows

Roadside Assistance Services 317-247-8484

Roadside Assistance Services 317-247-8484

Towing companies do a great job keeping our streets and express ways clear of stationed vehicles. Scrap cars, illegally parked vehicles, and cars that have broken down, are all examples of the obstacles they reduce on a daily basis. Although towing companies are known for primarily towing, there are other services that are often times overlooked and forgotten about. Read on to get to know the other side of towing companies that goes unnoticed by so many.

Roadside Assistance

Many tow businesses provide a variety of roadside assistance services. Whether you are a commercial road driver or a soccer mom on her way to the pick up the kids, these companies provide services for everyone. Roadside assistance is a great commodity in big cities and even the more remote communities. You never know when you will be in need on the side of the road. These extra services include jump starts, tire changes, fuel delivery, lockout assistance, and sometimes, mobile auto repair mechanics too!

Light Towing

This lighter duty towing includes tows for smaller to mid-sized cars, and sometimes, mini vans. Circumstances with junk cars, abandoned cars, scooters, motorcycles, and other similar sized vehicles require this lighter type of towing that every tow company provides. This service allows are roads to stay clear of scrap and junk. It promotes safety and is more environmentally conscience.

Medium Tows

Most towing companies go above and beyond light duty tows, like illegally parked cars and wrecked vehicles. Towing companies have larger and more sustainable equipment and resources to tow heavier loads. Some examples of medium duty tows would include, jet skis, speed boats, vans, mail trucks, tractors, and pickup trucks.

Heavy Duty Towing

For extremely equipped towing companies, heavy duty towing is on their list of services as well. This type of towing involves heavy, and sometimes dangerous, tows. For example, school buses, semi-trucks, yachts, and even small homes! It also includes major storm damage removal and recovery services for things like fallen trees or vehicles submerged in a body of water.

Commercial Wrecker Services

It can be possible that some towing businesses offer extended commercial tow services. These are special towing services and requests that can only be handled by certified and experienced professionals. These special services include airplane towing, duplexes, steel transporting, and more.

Zore’s Towing

Towing Indiana 317-247-8484

Towing Indiana 317-247-8484

Call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 for prompt and professional towing services in Indianapolis and its surrounding counties. We are experts and leaders in the wrecker industry and offer a wide variety of towing services. With over 80 years of experience here in Indiana, towing all sorts of vehicles from personal cars to semi-trucks, Zore’s Towing has the knowledge and resources needed for every kind of tow. Call 317-247-8484 anytime for 24 hour towing services and roadside assistance in Indianapolis, IN anytime.

Steps to Take Directly After a Non-Fatal Auto Accident

Auto accidents happen suddenly and are never planned, so being scared is normal.  After an auto accident has occurred, it is important to take the necessary steps to start repairing the situation.  Continue reading for more information on what to do after you have been involved in a car accident.

Indianapolis Emergency Towing 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Emergency Towing 317-247-8484

Auto Accident Instructions

Take Safety Precautions and Protect Yourself from Further Danger

Be sure that you, and anyone else in the vehicle with you, are safe and away from oncoming traffic.  If the vehicle still drives, pull it to the side of the road.  If it does not, walk away from the car and get off of the road as soon as possible to avoid getting hit.  If you are in a situation where you cannot exit the vehicle due to safety (such as a cliff or ravine), clasp your seat belt and remain in the car until emergency services arrive.

Make an Accident Report

If there is someone that is seriously injured in the accident, call 911 immediately.  Otherwise, proceed to call the police.  Your local police station will dispatch officers to make a police report of the accident, as well as, emergency vehicles in case of minor injuries.  Be ready to give general information to the police, such as name, phone number, description of the accident, persons involved in the accident, location, and the health status of each individual in your party.  Once this information is passed along, the operator will give you further instruction and may even stay on the line with you until their units arrive.

Write Down a Detailed Description of the Accident Scene

As you are waiting for emergency and police services to arrive, begin taking detailed notes of the scene of the accident.  Write down everything you remember from the start of the accident to the finish.  This allows you to recall particular details of the incident later on without any trouble.  It can help when filing insurance claims and the police report as well.

Car Accident Towing in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Towing

Indianapolis Towing 317-247-8484

For more information about what to do after being involved in an auto accident, call Zore’s Towing in Indianapolis, Indiana today.  We are an expert fleet of tow trucks that provide accident towing services for all of Indy.  Call us at 317-247-8484 for auto accident instruction information and accident towing in Indianapolis, IN.