How to Save Money on Gasoline for Your Car

Even though gasoline prices are the lowest they’ve been for years, drivers are still looking for ways to save money on car fuel. Saving money on gasoline is not only great for your wallet, it is beneficial for the environment. It is in every driver’s best interest to do what they can to reduce fuel consumption and save money on fuel costs.

Continue reading to learn some effective methods for doing just that!

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Do Not Use Premium Gasoline!

Never use premium fuel unless your car specifically requires it. And if your owners’ manual mentions premium fuel, look closer whether it’s “premium recommended” or “premium required”, because there is a difference. If it is a premium-recommended vehicle, you should still just stick to unleaded gas and save yourself money. The only cars that require premium fuel incudes high performance vehicles like 2016 Audi’s and BMW’s, Aston Martins, Alfa Romero’s, and similar luxury foreign cars. Aside from premium-required cars, there is no benefit to using premium grade gasoline, especially in terms of performance and gas mileage. Unleaded gasoline is perfectly safe for your vehicle, and will save you a lot of money on fuel.

Do Not Use the “Top-Off” Method

When filling up the gas tank, many drivers choose to continue filling after the nozzle clicks. Whether to “top it off” or hit an even number, this method of filling up the tank is a wasteful one. The extra fuel will never be used to power the engine, and instead, slosh out and make a mess everywhere. The worst part is that you are paying for fuel you don’t get to use. As soon as the nozzle clicks, your tank is perfectly full. There is no need to top of the tank with additional gasoline.

Double-Check the Gas Cap

After filling up, it is important to double-check the gas cap. Forgetting to replace it is a common mistake, but making sure it’s there is not the only thing to look for. It is also important to make sure the cap is screwed on tight and fully-closed. A loose or missing gas cap will allow fuel to evaporate, wasting your hard-earned, cautiously-spent money.

Park in the Shade

Loose gas caps are not the only thing that can cause your fuel to evaporate. The hot summer sun will do the same! To avoid wasting your fuel, park in shady areas on hot sunny days. If you are not able to park in shade, it is helpful to purchase a windshield cover to reduce the amount of sun exposure inside your car. These are inexpensive and easy to use.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

Deflated tires are a common cause of wasted fuel. When the tires are not properly inflated, your vehicle has to work harder to go, causing the need to use more fuel. Be sure to check your tire pressure once a month to avoid this problem. Never use the maximum pressure recommendations on the side of the tire. The proper tire pressure for your car or truck can be found on the factory sticker on the inside of the door jam on the driver’s side. If it’s not there, check the inside of the glove compartment.

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