The 7 Automotive Fluids Required for All Cars

A vehicle operates best when its fluids are well-maintained and kept at their proper levels. There are seven chief fluids in every vehicle that work together to promote a smoother drive and optimal vehicular performance.  These fluids assist in the main functions of various automotive parts; such as the engine, transmission, and braking systems.  Without these essential fluids, a vehicle will quickly deteriorate and experience complications. This leads to costly repairs, parts replacements, or a totaled vehicle. 

Continue reading to learn about these seven critical solutions and fluids, and how they work together to support a well-operating vehicle.

Emergency Tow Truck 317-247-8484
Emergency Tow Truck 317-247-8484

Motor Oil

The first fluid to mention is motor oil, because it is the most valuable and important. Without motor oil, a car’s engine is running without any lubrication between its moving parts. This can cause high heat and friction, leading to piston damage, valve damage, and more. It is dangerous and can cause severe and irrevocable damage to a vehicle’s engine. Any car with an internal combustion engine requires motor oil to lubricate its moving components.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is another important and vital necessity for any vehicle. A brake line system is a sealed network that applies hydraulic pressure to control a vehicle’s ability to come to a stop.  When pressure is applied to a brake pedal, brake fluid compresses. This causes the hydraulic force to transfer to the brake pads and shoes and produce the required friction necessary to stop. Without brake fluid, a vehicle will have complications with stopping and using the brakes. This is very dangerous. A car must be able to stop!

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is used to assist the driver in turning the car easier. The power steering fluid is pressurized by a small hydraulic pump that is powered by the vehicle’s engine. It releases enough fluids that make the steering mechanism easier to direct and operate. Without power steering fluid, turning a steering wheel would require an abundant amount of effort and force.


Coolant is another very important fluid in a vehicle. It is a heat-transfer fluid that controls the temperature levels within your engine. Without it, a car engine would quickly overheat, causing severe damages to the engine and its components. Coolant is generally a half and half formula, containing fifty percent water and fifty percent radiator coolant solution. It works by cycling through the engine as it runs, collecting heat and returning it to the radiator, then into the air.

Transmission Fluid

This fluid is not one commonly checked by car owners, but rather by a mechanic during an annual tune-up or inspection. Transmission fluid is important because it lubricates and cools the inner components of the transmission. This allows everything to engage and work properly. It’s job is very similar to motor oil.

Battery Fluid

Many vehicles today are manufactured with maintenance-free batteries; however, some older models will require a vehicle owner to manually replace the battery fluid on a regular basis. In these type of vehicle batteries, the individual cells need to be filled with the proper type of battery fluid in order for the vehicle to run.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

Although commonly overlooked, a driver could almost not live without windshield wiper fluid! Mud, dirt, water spots, insects, fingerprints, and more can be distracting on a vehicle’s windshield. Windshield wiper fluid is a soapy viscous solution that can be controlled manually by a push of a button inside the car. This button or attachment is generally near the steering wheel. Depending on how often it is used, windshield wiper fluid should be refilled every few months or so.

Emergency Towing and Roadside Assistance in Indiana

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The Benefits of Having Roadside Assistance Insurance

Roadside Assistance Services 317-247-8484

Roadside Assistance Services 317-247-8484

Being covered while driving on the road is one the most reassuring feelings a person can have as a car or truck owner. There are several situations that can occur or happen on the road that can cause a person to be stranded or in danger; especially if they do not have roadside assistance coverage. This type of insurance is crucial for drivers of all ages. There are several benefits of having roadside assistance insurance, and here you will discover the most important reasons why you should be insured and covered for accident, as well as, roadside assistance.

Fuel Delivery

Let’s imagine that a person is driving on the road on their way to work; and all of a sudden, their vehicle begins to sputter, slow down, and stall. They forgot to monitor their fuel levels and ran out of gas while driving on the road! For anyone who has been in the situation, you can certainly empathize with the stress and the struggle that comes along with running a gas. When it’s rush-hour, or even 7 o’clock in the morning, it can be difficult finding a friend or loved one to bring you gasoline so that you can get back on the road and be to work on time. This is one of the key reasons why roadside assistance insurance is beneficial and valuable to all drivers. With just one phone call, and emergency roadside assistance technician is dispatched to your location within minutes. They are friendly, efficient, and come with enough fuel to get you to a gas station and perhaps even to work on time.

Tire Services

Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484

Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484

Anyone who’s ever had a flat tire it can certainly understand how obnoxious the situation can be. Changing a flat on your own, especially on a larger vehicle, can be extremely complicated. The struggle of this situation is intensified in bad weather conditions or rush-hour traffic. Other than flat tires, there are several other ways tires can fail or require service in a sudden instance. For example, other tire components such as axles, bearings, nuts, bolts, spokes, and more can implicate a car’s ability to drive safely on the road. Roadside assistance services provide help for all of the circumstances and more. You never have to worry about changing a tire in your own again if you have roadside assistance insurance coverage.

Car Batteries

It’s easy to forget to turn your radio off, or leave your headlights on all night long in the garage; however, this causes your vehicle’s battery to lose power. The following day when you’re driving down the road, your car battery will eventually die altogether. When this happens, you need to battery jump-started or replaced. For anybody with roadside assistance insurance, this is a breeze. One phone call will dispatch a roadside service technician that will help you with any battery problem.

Roadside assistance insurance is obviously beneficial for various reasons. On top of dead car batteries, flat tires, and lack of gasoline, these companies provide a long list of additional services that help drivers stranded or in need of help on the road. If roadside assistance insurance is not an affordable solution for you as a driver, there’s no need to worry. For people without this type of insurance coverage, there are roadside assistance companies that you can call at any time. In fact, many of these companies offer 24 hour emergency services as well.

Zore’s Towing

Zore's Towing Indianapolis 317-247-8484

Zore’s Towing Indianapolis 317-247-8484

Zore’s Towing has offered roadside assistance services at an affordable rate for more than 50 years. They offer 24 hour emergency roadside assistance services in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties. They also offer coupons, discounts, and several other helpful services. Call Zore’s Towing today at 317-247-8484 for more information about roadside assistance services in Indianapolis, Indiana today.