Understanding the Basics: What to Expect from Roadside Assistance Service

In the world of automotive travel, the unexpected can often occur at the most inconvenient times. A flat tire, engine failure, or even a sudden empty gas tank can bring your journey to a sudden halt. In moments like these, a roadside assistance service becomes your knight in shining armor. But what exactly is roadside assistance and what does it entail?

This blog post aims to shed light on the basics of roadside assistance, helping you understand what to expect when you find yourself stranded by the side of the road. So buckle up and let’s dive into the realm of roadside rescue.

Call 317-247-8484 For 24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance and Towing in Indianapolis Indiana
Call 317-247-8484 For 24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance and Towing in Indianapolis Indiana

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is a service provided to drivers in case of unexpected vehicle breakdowns or roadside emergencies. It is designed to provide immediate help and support, allowing you to safely continue your journey or get your vehicle to a mechanic for repairs. This service is usually offered by automotive clubs, insurance companies, and even car manufacturers as part of their warranty packages.

What Does Roadside Assistance Service Cover?

The coverage of 24 hour roadside assistance can vary depending on the provider and the service package you choose. However, there are some common services that most providers offer, such as:

Towing: In case your vehicle cannot be fixed on-site, roadside assistance will arrange for a tow truck to transport your vehicle to a nearby mechanic or your preferred location.

Flat tire change: If you don’t know how to change a flat tire, don’t worry! Roadside assistance will send someone equipped with the necessary tools and a spare to get you back on the road in no time.

Fuel delivery: Running out of gas can happen to anyone. With roadside assistance, you can call for fuel delivery and get enough gas to reach the nearest gas station.

Battery jump-start: A dead battery is a common occurrence, especially during colder months. Roadside assistance can help by providing a jump-start to get your vehicle running again.

Lockout service: If you accidentally lock yourself out of your car, roadside assistance can send someone to help you regain access to your vehicle.

These are just some of the basic services that are typically covered by roadside assistance. Some providers may also offer additional perks such as discounts on repairs and rentals, trip interruption coverage, and more.

How to Get Roadside Assistance

Many new vehicles come with a complimentary roadside assistance package for a specific period. If your car doesn’t have one, you can purchase standalone roadside assistance plans from various companies throughout the state. It’s always a good idea to research different roadside assistance providers and compare their coverage and prices before making a decision. You can also check if your insurance company offers roadside assistance as an add-on to your existing policy.

When to Use Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance should be used in case of emergencies or unexpected breakdowns on the road. It is not meant for routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes or tire rotations. If you’re unsure whether your situation requires roadside assistance, it’s best to give them a call and explain the issue. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action.


Having a basic understanding of what roadside assistance is and how it works can come in handy when faced with an unforeseen breakdown on the road. Whether you’re embarking on a long road trip or just running errands around town, having roadside assistance can provide peace of mind and save you from potential headaches. Remember to research different providers and packages and keep their contact information handy in case of emergencies.

We hope this blog post has been helpful in your quest to know more about your roadside emergency assistance options in Indiana. If you need immediate towing service, please contact Zore’s Towing for 24 hour roadside assistance  and tow truck service in Indianapolis and its surrounding counties. We provide towing, recovery, equipment transport, car lockout service, flat tire service, jump starts, refueling, and more!

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Put a Roadside Emergency Kit in Your Car

Stay Safe By Keeping These 6 Things in Your Car at All Times

For anyone who operates a vehicle, road safety should be at the top of the priority list. But being “road safe” doesn’t stop at safe driving; it also requires being prepared for emergencies, whether that’s a flat tire, stalled engine, dead battery, or something more catastrophic. Fortunately, you can better prepare yourself for unanticipated road emergencies by keep certain items in your vehicle at all times.

Continue reading to learn at least 6 items that can help you during your next road emergency.

24 Hour Towing and Roadside Assistance
24 Hour Towing and Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484

Jumper Cables

If your car battery dies, your jumper cables will save you from a major setback or costly tow. Always keep workable jumper cables in the trunk of your vehicle. Never remove them. Today, many jumper cables can be purchased in a nicely-compacted package that won’t take up too much space in your trunk. Be sure you also know how to jump start a dead car battery.

Spare Tire and Tools

In the case that you get a flat, it is quite possible to change your tire yourself, that is, if you have a spare one on hand. Most cars come with a factory spare, but if you bought your car used, it might be missing. Be sure to check your car for a spare, and if you do not have one, buy one that matches your make and model vehicle. Spare tires are available for sale at any local tire store or automotive parts store.

Flashlight or Lamp

If your car breaks down at night, especially if it’s due to a dead battery, it might be too dark to see what you are doing. Not only does this hinder your ability to identify and resolve the issue, but it can also put you and your passengers in danger of being hit by other vehicles. Avoid these problems by keeping a quality flashlight or lantern in your car, along with an extra set of batteries.


In the case that your car breaks down in the middle of a cold season, and your heat does not work, you would be safer and more comfortable with a blanket. If you commonly have passengers with you, add more blankets.


Just like blankets, water is another prime roadside emergency item to have. Keep a gallon jug or a 6-pack of bottled water in your trunk in the case that your engine overheats, or you are broken down for a long period of time without food or beverage.

Fully-Charged Portable Phone Charger

There are several portable phone chargers on the market to choose from. Be sure the one you add to your roadside emergency kit is a good quality brand. Be sure it is fully-charged, and then keep it in your vehicle at all times. Only use it for emergencies. You see, if your car breaks down because of a dead battery, you won’t be able to use your car to plug in your phone. A portable charger solves this common problem.

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