What to Do if Your Truck Broke Down in Indianapolis

Learn what you need to do after your truck breaks down in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas.

Fast Tow Truck Indianapolis Indiana 317-247-8484
Fast Tow Truck Indianapolis Indiana 317-247-8484

Truck Roadside Emergency and Towing in Indianapolis

Your truck is more than a car or primary vehicle; it is an asset, tool, and means of work. So, when your truck breaks down, there is no time to waste. Your bottom line suffers the longer your truck is out of service. Fortunately, you can get your truck back on the road fast with the right roadside emergency knowledge.

Follow these instructions if your truck just broken down in Indianapolis:

Establish Safety

The first thing you want to do after your truck breaks down in Indianapolis is pull over to the side of the road as safely as possible and put on your hazard lights. Try to pull over to the right side of the road, as this is the safest spot on any street or interstate. Of course, this isn’t always possible, especially if your truck breaks down suddenly and unexpectedly. So, if you end up on the left side of the road, just be sure to remain in your vehicle for safety reasons.

If your truck breaks down at a stoplight or stop sign, put on your hazard lights, wait for traffic to clear, then get out of your truck. Put your gear in neutral, then with your left hand on your door and your right hand on the steering wheel, push your truck to a safer spot, either to the side of the street or a parking lot. If you can’t do this yourself, ask another driver or pedestrian for help or simply wait in your vehicle and move onto the next step.

Contact a 24 Hour Towing Service

Contact a local Indianapolis towing and recovering company and give them your contact information and location details. They should be able to dispatch a tow truck operator out to your location within the hour. Be sure describing your type of truck. Depending on your make and model truck, you may require a flatbed, lowboy, or even Landoll tow truck. You can choose to have your truck towed to your house, business, or an automotive repair shop of your choice.

Remain in Your Vehicle While Help is On the Way

It is very important to remain inside of your truck while you wait for a tow truck to arrive unless you are in a predictably safe location, like a parking lot or subdivision. It is also important that you do not try to repair your truck yourself. Not only can this endeavor put you in the line of danger, especially if you’re on the side of the interstate, but it can also cause more damage to your vehicle, especially if your lack proper automotive mechanical knowledge.

Notify Your Insurance Carrier

If you wish to have your car repaired, you’ll likely want covered by your insurance policy. If you have a roadside assistance package included with your insurance policy, your insurance company may reimburse you for towing fees as well.

Are you ready to have your truck professionally towed to the location of your choice after breaking down in Indy? Contact Zore’s Towing for affordable towing and recovery service in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve all of Central Indiana.

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Popular Tow Hitches on the Market Today

Indianapolis Towing Company 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Towing Company 317-247-8484

It is important to select the correct tow hitch for the type of tow you plan to achieve. Choosing the right hitch set-up is one of the first steps to safe towing. It can certainly be confusing trying to figure out which tow hitch to use; with selections ranging from Class 1 hitches to front mount hitches, and more. It is highly recommended to research different model hitches to determine which unit, tongue weight, ball mount, coupler, and other related fittings will facilitate your tow safely, effectively, and lawfully.

Continue reading to review a few popular hitches and accessories available on the market today. You can get started choosing the proper tow hitch for your towing needs today!

B&W Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitch

Gooseneck hitches are best for trucks. They are designed for a precise fit for any make or model truck, SUV, or van. This is because the hitch setup allows for easy hitch ball conversion; simply pull and twist the latch pin, then turn the ball over, and finally re-engage the latch pin. This easy set up allows for simpler and safer truck towing. Other great features of the Gooseneck hitches:

• They Meet All OEM Mounting Requirements
• It Bolts to All Existing Holes in Truck Frames
• No Need for Drilling or Welding
• Truck Bed Doesn’t Need Removed
• Manufacturer’s Warranty
• Minimal Need for Changes
• 30,000 lb. GTW/7,000 lb. VTW
• Long-Lasting Powdered Coat Finishes
• All Gooseneck Products are Manufactured in the USA

The B&W Turnover Ball Gooseneck hitch is a popular model because it doesn’t require truck owners to drill holes into their frame for installation; instead, it has an easy design making it simple to use. In just seconds, it allows you to set the hitch and return to a flat level bed in just a few seconds! It is also simple to install and usually won’t affect any existing manufacturer warranties. This is because all components are made to custom fit your exact year, make, and model vehicle. It does require a four inch hole in the truck bed; but it’s rated to 30,000 pounds Gross Trailer Weight and 7,500 pounds Tongue Weight. This is certainly a model to consider for tough towing jobs.

Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution Hitch

The Blue Ox hitch provides up to 1500 pounds of tongue weight capacity. It does this without jeopardizing the front end stability and over-all handling. The Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution Hitch is easy to connect and disconnect because it uses automatic bracket locks. This is all possible due to the precise adjustment of weight distribution for the trailer. It also comes with a snap-in spring bar that will not fall out of place while driving. Check out the details of the Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution Hitch below:

• Up to 1500 lbs. of Tongue Weight Capacity(TW)
• Built-in Sway Control
• Four Separate Adjustment Points
• Easy-to-Use Design
• Automatic Bracket Locks
• Available in Multiple TW Capacities
• Three Year Warranty

Zore’s Towing

Indianapolis Towing

Indianapolis Towing 317-247-8484

For more information about tow hitches, call the professionals at Zore’s Towing in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can reach an experienced tow operator at 317-247-8484, day or night. We offer free estimates, emergency towing services, DIY advice, metal recycling and processing, junk car buying, and much more. Visit our website at https://www.zorestowing.com/Flatbed-Tow-truck-Indianapolis.php for details about our towing services and flatbed tow truck inventories for Indiana. Again, call 317-247-8484 for accurate information and expert advice on tow hitches for truck towing in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding counties.