Tips for Cross-Country Car Towing

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Relocating for a job? Perhaps a girl? Or maybe just a better climate? No matter the reason, moving across country requires an abundant amount of forethought. Not everything can be packed away in a box and transported in the back of a truck or car. One of the main dilemmas cross-country movers face is transporting their vehicles along with them. If a person doesn’t have another person driving their vehicle for them, they must make other arrangements.

In other situations, movers do not want their personal vehicles driven across country, adding thousands of miles to the odometer. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and more require custom long-distance towing or transport. Continue reading and learn some tips regarding long-distance towing and towing a vehicle across country.

Towing a Car Long-Distance

The first thing to consider is whether or not you want to tow a vehicle, or simply transport it in a cargo-carrier. For a higher price, you can have your vehicle stored and transported in a semi-truck for optimal efficiency and protection. But there is also the cheaper option of towing it yourself. In this case, you will need to first think about finding the right type of trailer.

Size, weight capacity, and safety are just a few important aspects to consider when choosing the right trailer to tow your vehicle. You must take into consideration the size and weight of the tow vehicle, as well as, the vehicle you intend to tow, and much more. Talk to a professional towing company for help determining these calculations.
To tow a car, you have two options. You can use a car carrier, or you can use a tow dolly. If you’ve ever seen a car being towed by its rear wheels while its front wheels are lifted off the ground, you have witnessed a tow dolly. This is perfect and works best with front-wheel drive vehicles; and it happens to be the cheaper option too. Car carriers are very good for long-distance tows. A car carrier completely lifts a vehicle off the ground so none of its tires make contact with the road during the tow.

A crucial towing tip to keep in mind, especially for first-time towers, is to learn your equipment before hitting the pavement. This means get familiarized with the trailer, the way the tow vehicle drives with a trailer, all the safety features, its parts, owners’ manual instructions, and more. Do not rely on learning-as-you-go methods because this can only get yourself into trouble, or worse, danger. Stayed tuned for more long distance towing tips in next month’s blog!

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