What Happens to Abandoned Vehicles?

A deserted vehicle is usually the result of a breakdown or wreck. Sometimes car owners cannot afford to have the vehicle towed away and repaired, while others just don’t have the storage space available. In other cases, people are lazy or negligent and simply neglect to check on or retrieve their vehicles. Whatever the reason may be, it is not legal to leave a car or truck on the side of the road or on private property for an extended period of time; generally no longer than 48 hours depending on the proprietor and the county regulations. If a vehicle is deserted on public property, after 21 days the community can protest and have it removed.

Deserted or dumped vehicles are considered public nuisances and safety hazards, which is why they are prohibited. Once they are discovered by patrolling officers, they are “tagged” with a ticket that lets the car owner know they have three days to relocate it before it is seized by the city. If the title-holder of the vehicle fails to retrieve it, it is legally confiscated and relocated to an abandoned vehicle lot or impound. To get a vehicle out of the impound lot, a car owner must have the desire, the motivation, and the means to do so. The steps taken from this point depend on whether or not the vehicle owner wants their car back and if they have what it takes to get it back.

Retrieving an Impounded Vehicle

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A car or truck owner must follow a certain procedure and retain all the necessary documents to get their vehicle out of the impound lot. These documents include proof of ownership and valid identification, as well as, all the necessary release forms provided by the impound company. On top of these requirements, they must also be able to afford and pay cash for any related fines and penalties for deserting their property. These fines can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to a few thousand, depending on the length of time the vehicle was impounded and the company’s individual impound rates.

The most important document the impound lot needs to see before a person can take back their car is the vehicle’s title. Without proof of ownership, along with valid personal identification, a person cannot get their vehicle back. If they lost the title, they can apply for a new one, which can take several weeks to receive. This is a common reason why people have high impound fees. The longer a vehicle sits in the impound lot, the higher the storage costs will be. The message here is to never abandon a broken down vehicle. For a fast and secure tow you can afford, contact your local wrecker company.

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