How to Avoid Getting Towed: A Comprehensive Guide

Nobody wants to get their car towed. It’s a costly, time-consuming process that can be avoided if you take the right precautions. This comprehensive guide will provide some essential tips and tricks to help you avoid getting your car towed by a towing company. We’ll cover topics such as knowing when it is illegal to park in certain areas, understanding the signs marking designated tow zones, and respecting private property rights. This way, you won’t put yourself at risk of being towed away while parked on someone else’s land. We’ll also discuss how to find out more information about local laws related to vehicle parking and what steps you should take if your car does end up getting towed away.

By following these simple guidelines, you can avoid getting towed and save yourself from potential headaches down the line!

Call 317-247-8484 if Your Car Was Towed in Indianapolis.
Call 317-247-8484 if Your Car Was Towed in Indianapolis.

How to Avoid Getting Towed

Know Where You Can and Cannot Park Your Car

First and foremost, it’s important to understand when you can and cannot park in certain areas. Generally speaking, parking is usually prohibited in areas where there are signs that explicitly state. Parking is also not permitted if the car is blocking a fire hydrant, driveway, or crosswalk. In addition to this, many cities have designated tow zones. These zones can be identified by signs indicating that a car will be towed if it is parked there. It is also illegal to park on private property without the owner’s permission. This means you need to make sure to check for any signage before you decide to park there.

Be Aware of Property Management Towing

In some cases, parking in certain areas (i.e. businesses, parking lots, parking garages, side streets, etc.) can result in a towing company being called and your car being towed. It’s important to be aware of any local laws related to car parking.It is also vital to review the time limits that you are allowed in certain zones. If your car remains parked past the designated time limit or if it is found in a tow zone, then you may risk having it towed away. In some cases, police officers may be able to provide you with a warning if they believe that your car will be towed. So, it’s always best to respect the laws and not put yourself in this situation.

Get Your Car Back After it is Towed

In the event that your car is towed away by a towing company, there are some steps you can take to get it back. First, you will need to contact the towing company in order to retrieve your car. You may also need to pay a fee for their services. You might need to pay any fines related to parking violations. In some cases, your car may have been impounded. If so, it could remain there until the fees or fines are paid in full. After this is taken care of, the car can be released to you.

Protect Yourself From Getting Towed

It’s important to stay informed about local car parking laws and regulations. This way, you don’t end up getting your car towed away. By avoiding tow zones, respecting private property rights, and being mindful of time limits when parking in certain areas, you can save yourself from a lot of hassle in the future. Remember to also contact the towing company and pay any fees or fines in full if your car does get towed away. This will help you can retrieve it quickly and get back on the road!

Now You Know How to Avoid Getting Towed Away

Following these simple guidelines can help ensure that you don’t end up with an unnecessary car towing bill. With this comprehensive guide, you can stay informed and prepared to avoid getting your car towed away.

Is your car suddenly missing in the Indy area? If your car was towed in Indianapolis, Indiana, call Zore’s Towing right away at 317-247-8484 or toll free 1-800-523-7304 so that we can help you get your vehicle back as soon as possible. For even faster service, be sure to come to see us during weekdays in the morning!

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How to Find Your Car if You Think it Was Towed

No one likes to panic. But there is really no better way to describe the feeling you get when you walk out to the parking lot, only to discover that your car has been moved from its spot.  Has it been stolen? Was your car towed? Maybe you just forgot where you parked it, as doubtful as that may be. Hence, the panic. But not to worry, there is an easy way to figure out where your car has been taken. If you think it was towed in Indianapolis.

Continue reading to learn and easy step-by-step guide to get you through this challenging and ease your stress.

Towed Car Indianapolis Indiana 317-247-8484
Towed Cars Indianapolis Indiana 317-247-8484

Guide to Locating a Car That Has Been Towed

Before contacting the police and reporting your car stolen, first determine if there is a chance your car has been towed. There is an easy way to do this as long as you know what to look for. Start by looking around the spot that you’ve parked.

Look for a Company Towing Sign

Do you see any signs posted to light poles or sides of buildings or even on the pavement? Typically, these signs will have information on them about the Indianapolis towing company on duty that monitors and manages the parking lot. These signs should have all the necessary contact information on how to retrieve a towed vehicle from their complex.

If you see a sign nearby the area that you parked, and that sign says that the area is a No Parking zone between certain hours, think about when you were parked there. Perhaps you violated the parking spot time limit? If you had to pay a meter and the meter ran out, your car could have been towed because of that. In such a case, there should be a sign on the meter or nearby the meter with information about how to retrieve your car after it has been towed.

Were you parked during the proper parking hours? Was your meter filled up? If so, your car might’ve been towed because your license plates were expired or because it was obstructing another vehicle. These are common city violations that serve as a basis for towing.

No Obvious Parking Violations?

Have no idea why your car was towed? Not to worry; simply contact the phone number on the towing sign near the spot your car was towed. They should have all of the information you need to retrieve your car from their impound. Be prepared to pay a fine, which might be required in cash.

Can’t Find a Towing Sign?

If you cannot find a sign near the parking spot where your car was towed, go inside a nearby business establishment and ask them for the property management towing company information. You can also use an online vehicle locator website, but these are typically not free. If you choose this route, you will need the vehicle identification number (VIN) and the license plate number.

Do you want to skip the hassle of figuring out where your towed car is and go straight to the most helpful professionals in Indiana? Contact Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 or Toll Free at 1-800-523-7304 to request towed car information guidance. If your car was towed, we will know where it is and how to get it out.

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What Happens to Abandoned Vehicles?

A deserted vehicle is usually the result of a breakdown or wreck. Sometimes car owners cannot afford to have the vehicle towed away and repaired, while others just don’t have the storage space available. In other cases, people are lazy or negligent and simply neglect to check on or retrieve their vehicles. Whatever the reason may be, it is not legal to leave a car or truck on the side of the road or on private property for an extended period of time; generally no longer than 48 hours depending on the proprietor and the county regulations. If a vehicle is deserted on public property, after 21 days the community can protest and have it removed.

Deserted or dumped vehicles are considered public nuisances and safety hazards, which is why they are prohibited. Once they are discovered by patrolling officers, they are “tagged” with a ticket that lets the car owner know they have three days to relocate it before it is seized by the city. If the title-holder of the vehicle fails to retrieve it, it is legally confiscated and relocated to an abandoned vehicle lot or impound. To get a vehicle out of the impound lot, a car owner must have the desire, the motivation, and the means to do so. The steps taken from this point depend on whether or not the vehicle owner wants their car back and if they have what it takes to get it back.

Retrieving an Impounded Vehicle

Towing Indianapolis, IN

Towing Services in Indianapolis, IN

A car or truck owner must follow a certain procedure and retain all the necessary documents to get their vehicle out of the impound lot. These documents include proof of ownership and valid identification, as well as, all the necessary release forms provided by the impound company. On top of these requirements, they must also be able to afford and pay cash for any related fines and penalties for deserting their property. These fines can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to a few thousand, depending on the length of time the vehicle was impounded and the company’s individual impound rates.

The most important document the impound lot needs to see before a person can take back their car is the vehicle’s title. Without proof of ownership, along with valid personal identification, a person cannot get their vehicle back. If they lost the title, they can apply for a new one, which can take several weeks to receive. This is a common reason why people have high impound fees. The longer a vehicle sits in the impound lot, the higher the storage costs will be. The message here is to never abandon a broken down vehicle. For a fast and secure tow you can afford, contact your local wrecker company.

Zore’s Towing

Call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 for tow truck services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are highly trained and licensed wrecker contractors with decades of experience in the towing and recovery industry. We provide all types of tows, from heavy-duty to lightweight, and more. For more than 75 years, we have helped Hoosiers with all their towing needs. Call 317-247-8484 anytime you need a fast towing company in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding counties.

What to Do if Your Vehicle is Missing in Indianapolis

Car Towed Indianapolis Indiana

Car Towed? 317-247-8484

Have you ever come out of a restaurant or retail store, maybe even the office, only to find that your car or truck is not parked in the spot you originally designated as your own?

The answer is most likely yes; this situation has happened to most of us in our lifetime. Illegal parking, expired tags, outdated license plates, theft, and more are all possible reasons as to why your vehicle has gone missing.

Continue reading to learn what to do when your car or truck is missing in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Call All Local Towing Companies

The first thing to do is not panic. Although you may think there was no way or reason your car was towed, you never know. I had a friend get pulled over on Valentine’s Day because his plates were expired by two years! He is a very responsible business man, but because he relocated from a different state, the BMV wasn’t able to contact him with a reminder to renew his plates. He would never have thought that was the reason, but anyone can overlook these kinds of things; it’s human nature.

Once you have contacted some tow companies, they can give you information from their databases, as well as, contact dispatchers to see if your car has been towed by their trucks. If you call around to all the tow companies in the area and they all say no, then look around the parking lot for signs about restricted parking. Sometimes, there are signs that explain the restriction on parking in certain lots. On those signs is usually information or a phone number to call if you think your vehicle has been towed. Some commercial properties can have private wrecker services working for them, and they are the ones to contact about re-retrieving your car.

Call the Police

If all this fails to produce any information about your car, then perhaps it was simply stolen. Your next duty is to call the police and file a police report. An officer will show up shortly after you call to take down as much information as you can give them. They will obviously need a description of the car, plate numbers, registration, and any other information you can give. They will file the report and start an investigation to find your missing vehicle. Be sure to consider family and friends with spare keys as well. See if maybe they came to borrow your car without asking, and failed to return it in time. This could happen.

Car Towed in Indianapolis?

Indianapolis Towing

Indianapolis Towing 317-247-8484

For more information about what to do when your car goes missing in Indianapolis, call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484. As a professional wrecker company, we offer a wide variety of services; such as lock outs, jump starts, light towing, heavy duty towing, tires changes, junk car removal, cash for cars, and much more. Zore’s Towing has been serving the Hoosier communities for over 80 years! We are the experts to trust with all your towing needs. Visit our towing website for details about towing services in Indianapolis, IN today!