Do Not Use a Hitch-Mounted Carrier Lift with a Trailer Hitch Adapter

If you have a hitch-mounted wheelchair or scooter lift that you wish to install on a vehicle, it is not recommended to use it with a trailer hitch adapter. There are many hazards that can arise from this arrangement, such as asset damage, vehicular damage, and even traffic accidents. Continue reading to learn why you should not pair a hitch-mounted carrier with a trailer hitch adapter, and what you can do instead for optimal safety and performance.

Indianapolis Roadside Assistance & Towing 317-247-8484
Indianapolis Roadside Assistance & Towing 317-247-8484

Why It Won’t Work

Why should you not use your hitch-mounted carrier with a trailer hitch adapter? Well, hitch receivers with a 1¼ inch opening are not designed with the proper tongue weight capacity to support the total weight of the carrier and the asset it is holding. For this reason, it is vital that you are fully aware of your vehicle’s limitations before you choose a particular carrier or lift.

Keep in mind, if you were to use your hitch-mounted carrier with a trailer hitch adapter, you are literally cutting your tongue weight capacity in half. For this reason, this combination should only be used on vehicles with stiff suspensions, such as full-size pickup trucks, truck-style SUVs, and large vans.

Hitch Class Ratings and Tongue Weight

Most often, cars and minivans have Class 1 or 2 hitches, while trucks and sports utility vehicles usually have Class 3, 4, or 5 hitches. Knowing your vehicle’s tongue weight, hitch class, and rating is an essential part of safely using a wheelchair or scooter lift. Usually, such lifts require at least a Class 3 hitch rating. How do you find your vehicle’s hitch class? Simply refer to the manufacturer label on the trailer hitch. If it is an old lift and the label is not clear, you can also measure the opening yourself.

As for tongue weight, see our blog, “A Brief Explanation of Tongue Weight (TW)” to learn what you need to know. Basically, tongue weight is the downward force that is applied onto a vehicle’s trailer hitch. In terms of a wheelchair/scooter lift, the tongue weight is measured by adding the total weight of the lift and the asset, together. Beware, an improper setup can lead to your carrier and asset bending downward toward the road and breaking off the trailer hitch.

Refer to your vehicle’s owners’ manual for manufacturer’s recommended tongue weight. If you cannot locate your manual, you can look up these values online, or you can adhere to the general rule of thumb, which is that your tongue weight should not exceed 10% of your gross trailer weight. See our blog, “A Review of Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings” to learn how to measure your vehicle’s gross weight rating, and how to apply it with your carrier.

Alternatives and Tips

Aside from hitch classes, tongue weight, and gross weight ratings, is also important to pay attention to the height of the hitch. Lower hitch heights can put your carrier at risk of scraping against sidewalks, curbs, and driveways. To avoid this, be sure to install a hitch height adapter. If you have not yet purchased a wheelchair/scooter carrier, start by measuring your wheelchair or scooter dimensions. Measure the length and width (from the outside tires), as well as the total weight of the asset, including the battery and any accessories (ramps, straps, etc.).

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Before and After Safe Towing Tips

If you are planning to hook up a trailer and tow a cargo, it is important to know exactly how to do so safely, whether you are traveling a long distance or just around the corner. Keep in mind that towing safety starts before you leave the drive, and continues a long the journey.

Continue reading to learn some vital before and after towing tips that will help to ensure everyone’s safety, including your cargo.

Indianapolis Towing & Recovery 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Towing & Recovery 317-247-8484

Before You Tow

There are several things you need to do before you even put the keys in the ignition and drive away. In fact, the safest form of towing involves a focus on preparation. Here is what you need to do before heading out on the road with your rig:

If you are towing a vehicle, place an “On Tow” sign in the rear window to alert other drivers to be cautious. Many towing ropes and poles come with this sign, but you may have to purchase it separately. Do not make your own sign; store-bought signs are made with safety features, like reflective technology.

Always do a full inspection of your towing ropes and poles. Look for damage, defects, abrasives, rips, tears, and frays. These are all signs that your equipment is unsafe to use. Do not use your towing ropes or poles if they show signs of damage like this.

If you are towing another vehicle, be sure to leave the ignition switch in the “ON” position. This will disengage the steering lock, allowing for more controlled towing. This is especially important for vehicles that have power steering and/or power-assisted steering.

After You Hit the Road

Once you are on the road with your cargo in tow, the responsibility to tow safely remains just as strong. The most important duty is to drive with extreme caution and care. However, there is more to it than that. Here are some important reminders for safe towing while out on the open road:

Maintain a minimal speed. If towing another vehicle, try to remain under 20 miles per hour. If you are towing anything else, stay 5 to 10 mph BELOW the mandatory speed limit for optimal safety. If you are driving too fast, you can lose control of your reaction times, and take much longer to come to a stop.

Relating to speed and caution, be sure to signal and plan maneuvers ahead of time. This helps to forewarn other drivers on the road. This includes using your turn signals and hazard lights. Furthermore, try not to brake suddenly, and instead, plan ahead in advance.

Operate the clutch slowly and carefully so to not snap or snag a towing rope. This can cause the towed cargo to jerk forward suddenly, which can cause all sorts of dangerous situations. For the same reasons, do not suddenly change direction or use excessive maneuvers.

Need a Professional Tow?

Zore's Towing Indianapolis 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Towing & Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484

Call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 for safe and affordable Indianapolis tow truck services you can trust. Our licensed and insured tow truck operators provide punctual and prompt tow truck services, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! We also provide numerous community services, roadside assistance services, wrecker and recovery services, and much more. Call 317-247-8484 to request a free estimate, anytime!

Interesting Facts About 18 Wheeler Tow Trucks

When it comes to emergency roadside situations, 18 wheeler tow trucks are a useful commodity to have around. They are commonly used for winching, roll-outs, traffic clearance, and many other forms of heavy-duty towing needs. Although they are tow trucks, they are often referred to as semis or semi-trucks. However, the cab and engine on these types of trucks are separate from the trailer, and the trailer does not have front wheels, so they are more accurately described as semi-trailers. The average length of the trailer on an 18 wheeler truck is around 53 feet, and some can be over 20 feet wide! But these lengths can vary. Continue reading to learn more interesting facts about 18 wheeler semi-trailer tow trucks.

Indianapolis Emergency Towing 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Emergency Towing 317-247-8484

18 Wheeler Tow Truck Facts

18 wheeler tow trucks are designed with a special motor that allows for constant operation. The engine is only stopped for routine service, like oil changes, or to abide idling regulations. Any other time, the engine remains running.

On the subject of oil changes, an 18 wheeler tow truck can house more than 15 quarts of oil at one time. They only require oil changes every 5,000 miles, unlike standard vehicles that require such services on a more frequent basis.

When an 18 wheeler tow truck needs to come to a stop, it requires 40 times more stopping time than a standard vehicle would! That means they must apply pressure to the brakes much sooner than a typical driver.

A large quantity of the total number of registered 18 wheeler tow trucks are in Texas, California, and Florida.
Drivers who operate 18 wheeler tow trucks typically log over 140,000 miles of driving each year!

Indianapolis Tow Truck Service

Zore's Towing Indianapolis 317-247-8484

Zore’s Towing Indianapolis 317-247-8484

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Popular Boat Trailers and Kits on the Market

Indianapolis Towing 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Towing 317-247-8484

Summertime brings sun, fun, and laughter; and there is no better way to celebrate this time of year than with seasonal boating! Boats are a wonderful and entertaining asset for friends and family, so taking them with us on trips is certainly a must! Fortunately, anyone can tow a boat to wherever they’re headed! So long as drivers have the right towing accessories and setup, knowledge, and a little practice under their belts, they can tow their boats to any lake or ocean!

Although there is a first time for everything, it is best to have a little experience with towing before attempting a cross-country or extended road trip. One of the most important aspects to boat towing is the trailer. Choosing a quality trailer to tow your boat or watercraft is a sure way to provide safety and security for everyone on the road, as well as the assets in tow. Continue reading for some recommendations of popular boat trailer kits on the market, and who to call for professional towing advice.

Trailex SUT-220-S Boat Trailer

The Trailex Ultra-Light Duty boat trailer, model number SUT-220-S, comes with leaf springs that allow for easier travel. It is designed to carry smaller boats like canoes, kayaks, and similar types of watercrafts that measure up to 17 inches in length. Although a slightly-hefty initial investment, costing anywhere between $900 and $1000, this trailer setup is highly durable, carries as much as 220 pounds, and can be used as a launching dolly as well! Aside from leaf springs, it also comes with submersible lights, an adjustable v-cradle, and matching coupler.

Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit

Although this trailer requires assembly, it is a highly recommended choice for towing heavier watercrafts. With a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds, the steel-made Ironton trailer allows people to tow jet skis and other personal watercrafts with ease. The come road-ready and cost anywhere between $400 and 600 dollars. Also comes with lights, fenders, and coupler.

Bear G3 Single Axle Boat Trailer

This highly durable steel-made model can carry a maximum load weight of 4300 pounds, making it perfect for medium and large speed boats. Works with drum brakes and comes with lights, protective fenders, coupler, adjustable winch, and non-adjustable bunks. You can expect Bear trailers to cost anywhere from one to two thousand dollars or more, depending on the retailer and model number.

Zore’s Towing

Zore's Towing Indianapolis 317-247-8484

Zore’s Towing Indianapolis 317-247-8484

Call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 for professional towing services in Indianapolis you can trust. We are licensed and insured towing contractors that tow everything from boats to trailer homes, airplanes, construction equipment, and more! We offer the fastest and friendliest 24 towing services around, and at the most competitive prices too! Call 317-247-8484 if you need an Indianapolis tow truck or roadside assistance services you can afford.

Vital Information You Need to Know About Towing a Car, Truck, or Trailer

Indianapolis Towing 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Towing 317-247-8484

Safety is the number one concern when it comes to towing a vehicle or hauling a load. Before tackling a tow job, novice or not, it is important to understand the risks, and know how to avoid them. Knowing important and vital towing safety tips can protect yourself, passengers, other drivers, and your property at all times and for every load. Continue reading to learn more about towing safety, and be better prepared for your next haul.

Towing Safety Tips

There are so many more easily-available and more-affordable commodities on the market today that requires towing; like boats, motorcycles, jet skis, campers, and more. With this exponential increase of the towing population, an equal amount of towing safety awareness is necessary. Let’s start with certain areas and accessories of a tow truck and haul, and what to know about each.

Safety Chains

When it comes to towing safety, you can never be too concerned about safety chains. Always be sure they are properly attached and secured before every drive. If safety chains are poorly tended to, it can result in the trailer separating from the truck or SUV. Not only can this cause significant property damage to your equipment and everyone else’ s nearby, it can result in serious injuries and worse, fatalities. These are mandatory by law so stay legal by using them for every tow. Be sure the chains cross under the trailer tongue in the accidental case that it gets separated, but also be sure they are loose enough to make turns. It chains are too loose, they can drag on the ground and create a whole load of road hazards. They need to be secured just right.


When towing a load of any kind, it is critical that the traffic behind you can see your brake lights and know when you are coming to a stop. With this being said, it is important to check that your trailer’s brake lights are functional and bright enough, as well as, the brakes on your truck or SUV. Check that your turn signals are working as well, and be sure to do these things before every drive. Even if you stop for lunch, or visit multiple locations, check your lights every time. You never know when a bulb decides to go out. If your trailer didn’t come with a wiring harness, you can purchase one at any automotive parts store. Not only is it the law to have operational brake, head, and turn signal lights, it is the difference between a safe tow, and a tow that ends in accidents and injuries.

Tow Capacity

Never exceed your towing capacity! It is vital to have the right type of tow hitch for whatever load you intend to haul. Not only is an accurate hitch necessary, but following manufacturers’ instructions for tow weight capacity is critical. You can cause serious damage to the drive chain, which is a costly automotive repair, as well as, dangerous motor vehicle accidents on steep inclines and hills. Check what your vehicle’s tow capacity is, and never exceed this limit. Know how much your load weighs helps too! If you have trouble making this assessment, contact a local Indianapolis wrecker service for accurate industry advice and assistance.

Zore’s Towing in Indianapolis

Towing Indiana 317-247-8484

Towing Indiana 317-247-8484

Call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 for safe and affordable tow truck services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We use the latest technologies and advanced wrecker equipment to haul any load, large or small! We offer countless community services, roadside assistance, towing services, and much more. Call 317-247-8484 to learn more about our towing services in Indianapolis, IN today.

How Long Can I Drive on a Spare Tire?

Spare Tire Change Indianapolis IN

Spare Tire Services 317-247-8484

Spare tires and “donuts” have truly come in handy for thousands of drivers all over the country. When a tire goes flat, having a spare can mean the difference between walking ten miles to a service, and getting back on the road within a few short minutes. Many drivers are guilty of driving on a spare tire or donut longer than the owner’s manual suggests; but just because it is common behavior doesn’t mean you should do it too. Continue reading to learn how long you should drive on a spare tire, how fast you should go, and what to do in the case of a blown tire.

Spare Tires and Donuts

Manufacturers know that spare tires are used infrequently, so many are changing their designs to a smaller space-efficient “donut”. Spare tires and donuts are very different from standard tires, and they require different driving methods and techniques when being used. Whether you have a spare or a donut, there are important guidelines to follow to protect yourself, other drivers and passengers, and your vehicle.

Never leave your spare tire on longer than the owners’ manual or manufacturer’s instructions state. This can lead to a whole heap of complications. Spares and donuts are meant to be temporary tires, because in fact, they are temporary tires! They are not as durable as ordinary tires, and weaken at a much faster rate. You see, a standard tire contains layers of steel and polyester fibers beneath the rubber. These layers are called plies and are where the real strength comes from. For space and weight-saving reasons, spares do not contain as many plies as ordinary tires; therefore, they deteriorate quicker. With half as many plies as regular tires, spares lack sufficient puncture-resistance and corning ability too.

Temporary tires, being smaller and narrower, make much less contact with the road. A smaller contact patch means reduced traction and ABS control. Stopping distance is increased and handling can become unpredictable. And don’t try to tow a trailer, or anything for that matter, because spares do not retain the same loading strengths and qualities as standard tires. Driving on a spare can also create a load of mechanical problems and problems with the differential.

With all this in mind, most manufacturers suggest using a spare tire for a short, emergency amount of time, while never exceeding 50 miles per hour. Avoid highway and interstate driving if you can; but if you must remain on the interstate, always drive in the far right lane with your hazard lights on. Perhaps you just need a tow, and don’t want to mess with a blown tire? In this case, call a local Indianapolis tow truck service for roadside assistance or towing.

Zore’s Towing

Towing Indiana 317-247-8484

Towing Indiana 317-247-8484

Call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 for prompt roadside assistance or tow truck service in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are highly trained, licensed, and experienced wrecker operators that provide towing services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our towing company has been family owned and operated since 1927, providing exceptional towing service at a competitive price. We are friendly, fast, and affordable. Call 317-247-8484 for professional towing services in Indianapolis, IN today.

I Think My Car Was Towed, What Do I Do Now?

Has Your Vehicle Just Been Towed or Stolen?

Indianapolis Towing Service 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Towing Service 317-247-8484

Getting towed is a drag; unless you are the one asking for the tow. If you are one of the many people in this state whose car or truck has been towed against your request, then you should be happy to know you have come to the right place. One of the first steps to finding your vehicle after it’s been towed involves a little investigation and some critical thinking. Think about why your car might have been towed from the spot it was last parked. Is it a spot that requires special licensing or permits, like a handicap or reserved parking space? Or is it maybe a no-park or fire zone?

Take a few minutes to calmly ask yourself these questions. Usually there are white or blue signs located near parking areas that indicate their parking perimeters. These signs are meant to notify drivers if parking is only allowed during certain times of the day, if parking spots are reserved for permitted personnel, or if the lot is private overall. Look for these kinds of signs and read the ones you find. Do they pertain to your parking situation? Have you followed all the rules and requests outlined in these signs? If, at this point, you are convinced that you were parked legally, and were not towed for reasons regarding the space or lot you chose, then it’s time to go to the next step.

Don’t start to panic just yet. Your car may not be stolen at this point. Use this time to think about other possible reasons your car might have been towed by the city or property manager. Was your license plate expired? Do you have several unpaid parking tickets? Was your car just involved or suspected of being involved in a recent crime? Was your vehicle in extremely poor physical condition, like flattened tires, missing bumper, or busted oil tank? If you answered yes to any of these circumstances, it could be the reason your car was towed.

If now you are leaning more toward the possibility that your car was towed, not stolen, it is time to go to the next step. This step involves contacting your local DMV, using online resources, and calling a few towing companies. If during business hours, you can call the driver’s branch and ask if the city has towed your vehicle. To do this, you will need your plate number, vin number, tag number, and more. You can find this on a copy of your vehicle registration. If this proves fruitless, you can go to the web for answers.

There are a few websites, like Auto Return, that let you enter your vehicle’s information, and it will provide details on the whereabouts of your towed car. If this is not a possibility, or you do not have access to the internet, contact an Indianapolis towing company. Don’t bother with the smaller businesses, it is most likely the work of a larger company in the city. Contact a towing service that has been around for more than 20 years or so, and has many industry accomplishments. They will be able to help you locate your vehicle, whether they towed it or not.

If you think your car was stolen, contact the Indianapolis police department to file a report.

Zore’s Towing

Towing Indiana 317-247-8484

Towing Indiana 317-247-8484

Call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 if you think your car has been towed in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are fast, punctual, and friendly towing contractors with decades of experience in the wrecker industry. Our company has been around since 1927, and continues to be Indy’s first choice for towing services and more. We can help you find your vehicle if it’s been towed in Indianapolis, and we also provide our tow truck services for several other surrounding counties. Call 317-247-8484 when you need fast and friendly towing services in Indianapolis
you can trust.

Zore’s Inc. Offers Private Property Towing Services in Indianapolis!

Private Property Towing  317-247-8484

Private Property Towing 317-247-8484

No one likes it when another person parks in their private parking spot! What if this is something that continues to happen on your commercial property? The answer is property management! Zore’s Towing in Indianapolis, Indiana provides professional property management solutions and private towing services for commercial properties and complexes throughout the city! This means no more anticipation on whether or not you or your employees will have a spot to park in tomorrow! The best part is, all towing costs
are the vehicle owner’s responsibility!

Private Property Management and Towing Services

Private property management towing services can also thwart unauthorized parking in handicap spots, unauthorized use of handicap zones, parking in front of freight and loading docks, fire lanes, meter parking, and more. The highly trained, licensed, and insured towing operators at Zore’s Inc. have extensive knowledge on proper towing and wrecker operations.

They are capable of handling any and all types of tows that commercial proprietors may require; such as semi-truck towing, vans, trailers, boats, cargoes, construction equipment, standard vehicles, and much more. We retain the latest technologies and state of the art equipment that allows our wrecker operators to safely and efficiently tow anything, at a price you can afford! We also provide our services not only in Indianapolis, but all throughout the city and its surrounding counties.

Zore’s Towing – Indianapolis, Indiana

Towing Indiana 317-247-8484

Towing Indiana 317-247-8484

If you are interested in procuring private property towing services in Indianapolis, call Zore’s Towing at 317-247-8484 right away. We provide 24 hour towing services, one-time tows, private towing, scheduled towing, and much more. We offer the most competitive prices in town as one of the oldest towing companies in the state. You can trust you are receiving the most acute, professional, and responsible towing services around. Call us at 317-247-8484 to learn more about our private towing services in Indianapolis, IN today.