Can My Car Tow a Full Size Trailer?

Trailer towing safety is a serious issue that all drivers should be aware of. When towing a trailer, it is important to remember that your vehicle is now longer and wider than normal. You need to take these factors into account when driving. Make sure you are aware of the maximum weight your vehicle can tow. And as always, use caution when turning or changing lanes. But before you even think about operating a vehicle with a trailer in tow, first ensure your car can handle the load.

Continue reading to learn how to determine your vehicle’s tow capacity, plus a backup plan if you cannot get the job done safely.

Call 317-247-8484 For Trailer Towing Service in Indianapolis!
Call 317-247-8484 For Trailer Towing Service in Indianapolis!

Calculating Towing Capacity

When it comes to determining if your vehicle can tow a trailer, there are several factors you should take into consideration. While some small to mid-sized cars are capable of towing heavier loads than others, the size and weight of the trailer are key components in this equation.

Before getting started, you’ll want to check your vehicle’s manufacturer-specified towing capacity. Compare this rating to the size and weight of the trailer you are towing. This information is typically located in your car manual or online. Make sure to account for any additional factors that might affect its payload. This includes the number of passengers, cargo, engine size or type, and fuel economy.

Safety Tips For Towing a Trailer

Once you’ve determined your car is capable of towing the trailer, there are several additional steps you should take to ensure a safe towing experience. You should always check that all lights, brakes, and hookups are functioning properly. Additionally, you can create a checklist before setting out to help you stay organized and prepared. Some important items you should check off the list include double-checking tire pressure, ensuring all cargo is properly secured and balanced, and making sure you have enough fuel for the journey.

If your car isn’t capable of towing a trailer with the payload you need, or if you’re new to trailer towing, it’s a good idea to consider renting a larger vehicle. Your cargo and passengers are safer during the trip with this option. It can also avoiding additional wear and tear on your own car. Or just hire a professional Indianapolis transport company to tow your trailer for you!

If you take these precautions before setting out on any towing journey, you’ll be better prepared for a successful trip. With the right vehicle and a bit of planning, you can safely tow your trailer and enjoy the ride. 

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Will Trailer Towing Damage My Car?

Whether you are planning a big move across the city, or a long road trip to the lake, you might be in need of a trailer. However, the idea of hooking up a trailer to your vehicle might scare you. After all, you love your car, and you do not want even the tiniest scratch or defect inflicted. Furthermore, the thought of paying a huge repair bill as a result of towing a trailer will put you off the idea too. If you are afraid towing a trailer with your vehicle might damage it, you are not alone.

Perhaps some facts about trailer towing, coupled with some helpful beginner tips, can improve your attitude and confidence before your big day arrives. Continue reading to do learn these and more!

24 Hour Towing and Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484
24 Hour Towing and Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484

You Must Do the Math to Safely Tow

The first thing you want to think about when you are preparing to tow a trailer with your car is its maximum towing capacity. Also known as gross vehicle weight rating, or GVWR, this value is the total amount of weight your car’s manufacturer says it can safely tow. Keep in mind that this maximum value includes the weight of the trailer, as well as its cargo. Refer to your car’s owners’ manual, or the driver side door jam, for your towing capacity.

Along with gross vehicle weight rating, you will also need to calculate the trailer’s tongue weight, which should never be more than 15% of the total trailer weight, including the weight of its cargo. You also need to know the gross combined weight rating, or GCWR, which includes the total weight of your trailer and the towing vehicle, including all passengers, as well as, fuel, equipment, and the cargo on the trailer. To learn how to do all three of these calculations properly, read our blog, “A Review of Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings” for help getting started on the right track.

Mind the State Laws for Trailer Towing

Another important factor to consider has to do with your own safety, rather than the safety of your vehicle. It is wise to learn all the state laws surrounding trailer towing before hitting the road. Not only will this protect you unintentionally causing risk or danger to others, it will prevent law enforcement confrontations, fines, tickets, and wasted time dealing with all three.

See our blog, “What You Need to Know About State Trailer Laws” to learn what you need to know. Furthermore, knowing how to safely operate a vehicle that is towing a trailer is important to protecting your car from damage. Learning the state trailer laws can help you understand certain safety factors, like taking turns, speed limits, and more.

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